Lunch Wrap Up: Week of June 13th

I’m off on vacation this week, enjoying some family time. These are the lunches I packed the last full week of work. It was stressful and crazy in the mornings. I barely had a chance to do anything creative. The lunches show it.

My son’s lunches (top) —

Monday: Raw kale, kiwi, muffin, crackers, tuna, applesauce

(Day care menu: Tuna on bread, tomato soup, shredded cheddar, crushed pineapple with vanilla pudding and blueberry muffins as snacks)

Tuesday: Chicken finger, pasta and goat cheese, bagle, kale chips, apple slices, bar

(Day care menu: Chicken nuggets, pasta with cheddar sauce, peas, diced pears with bananas and strawberry frozen yogurt as snacks)

Wednesday: Salami rolls, egg, bagel, applesauce, apple slices, pasta, green beans, pepitas.

(Day care menu: Vegetarian lasagna, green beans, oranges with bagel and cream cheese and yogurt as snacks)

Thursday: Lettuce, spinach and broccoli salad, cornbread muffin, taco meat, quinoa, salad dressing, applesauce, bar

(Day care menu: Turkey chili with beans, corn muffin, broccoli with cheddar sauce, applesauce with banana bread and shredded mozzarella as snacks)

Friday: Chicken finger, cooked broccoli, apple slices, mashed potatoes, muffin.

(Day care menu: Sloppy joe on bread, real mashed potatoes, peas, apple slices with mandarin oranges and a strawberry muffin as snacks)

My lunches (bottom) —

Monday: Tuna sandwich with raw kale, apple slices, and KIND bar

Tuesday: Salami sandwich, kale chips, apple slices, pasta and beans

Wednesday: Egg salad sandwich with apple slices, roasted portobella mushroom and one sardine!

Thursday: Taco salad with quinoa over lettuce, apple, almond milk yogurt, KIND bar

Friday: Tuna on  lettuce salad with apples and potatoes, cooked broccoli

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12 thoughts on “Lunch Wrap Up: Week of June 13th

  1. Hi Mrs. Q,
    3 things…

    1) YEA!!! That you are on vacation!! SO glad to hear you are taking time for YOU!

    2) I like the new site and its design. It is great!

    3) I notice a marginal improvement in the foods offered by the Daycare. I think you were the driving force behind that. I know you initially wanted better food for your son but now ALL the children are benefiting. GO YOU!!!

    Enjoy these summer months with your family. Like all teachers, you’ve earned them!!! 😉

  2. I agree, the daycare food does seem to be better, or at least more varied so the children are being exposed to a wider variety of foods. It’s great to see more fruit and veg and less ice cream and chicken nugget-type things. You can definitely take some of the credit for this change!

    1. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for July — my son is attending part-time so I’ll find out this week.

  3. I’ve meant to ask this question before but I just never had. Now that the food at the daycare is getting better, is your son going to be able to start joining in on eating some of it? I know he still has his allergie, so I guess I’m not sure how things progress with allergies like that.

  4. HI Mrs. Q. I am getting used to the new layout. But, I am not loving the layout for the lunch Wrap Up: the picture are too small to really see what is in them and you have to scroll down the page for desctiptions so you can’t look at the picture while you read them. I really enjoy the Wrap Ups in general though!

  5. I hate to be a complainer, but in the interest of giving you the feedback you’ve been asking for on the new blog set-up….I really dislike this new format for the Lunch Wrap Up! It’s of the main reasons I enjoy your site so much, and this format is just awful! The pictures are small and cropped, and if you click on them to enlarge them, you can’t see the description at the same time as the picture. I like this feature because I pack my own lunch everyday too, and it’s encouraging and inspiring to see what someone else packs. But to be honest, this format just makes it WAY too difficult to enjoy this feature. All the same – it’s really impressive that your son eats quinoa, I can’t even get my fiance to try it! Also, thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into this, I know you are a very busy lady, and I just want you to know it’s very much appreciated!

    1. I’m having difficulty posting photos. I hope I can learn how to upload them the normal way without having a big jumbled mess! I had to do the gallery so I could get the post up, but hopefully I’ll figure out how to do this as time goes on.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Kim. I’m really having trouble uploading the pictures like I did on Blogger. I can’t seem to get them all to line up. I used the gallery option because that was the only way I could do it without them turning into a big mess and not in order. Every thing looks great on the draft blog post, but when I pushed “preview” it was a disaster. Gallery was sort of my “nuclear” option. I hope to figure all of this out soon!

  6. I agree, the fun of the lunch update is reading the description while looking at the pictures. With this layout it’s one or the other. Personally the pictures of the food is my favorite part of your blog.

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