Lunch Wrap Up: Week of July 18th

I had a busy weekend and this the first time I’ve had a chance to blog. We had a visitor and we were out and about. I spent a lot of time thinking, even when we were on the move. I try to reflect and ponder multiple times a day. I’ve come up with some interesting ideas this summer. But I want more time. The summer is going by too fast. And in the fall I’ll finally be out!

My son’s lunches


Pasta with peas, tomato sauce, and “daiya” (dairy-free cheese) a slice of bacon; egg; cucumber shapes (from CSA); cherry slices; strawberry muffin (strawberries I picked on a strawberry picking outing — I’m going to blog about that soon).

They said that he didn’t eat the main dish, but he ate everything else. I put peas in his pasta even though I know he hates it when they are mixed up. I was hoping that maybe he would try them. He used to love peas! Day care menu: chicken nuggets, pasta with cheddar sauce, peas, and diced pears with fresh bananas and strawberry frozen yogurt as two snacks.


Sliced beets (from CSA), half a turkey burger sliced, ketchup; sliced cherries (from the farmer’s market); bread with herbed goat cheese; applesauce; chewy bar

They said he didn’t want to eat very much that day and I was bummed since he has eaten all of these foods very well at home. He came home and ate a big dinner so that was good, I guess. Day care menu: vegetarian lasagna, green beans, and fresh oranges with a bagel with cream cheese and yogurt as two snacks


Pasta sauce with chicken and chopped garlic scapes (from CSA); pita bread with dairy-free spread; corn muffin; sliced cherries (from armer’s market) and cucumber shapes (from CSA); applesauce

His caregivers told me that he gobbled up everything in his lunch. Finally! Day care menu: turkey chili with beans, corn muffin, broccoli with cheddar sauce and applesauce with banana bread and shredded mozzarella as two snacks.


My lunch

Pita bread with lettuce (from CSA) and ham, cucumber slices (from CSA), cherries (from farmer’s market) with box of raisins and KIND bar.

I attended an all-day training/professional development and so I packed a lunch. It was a delicious.


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7 thoughts on “Lunch Wrap Up: Week of July 18th

    1. I’m sorry I never responded — I get them at a gluten free bakery! Thanks for asking!

  1. So nice to see CSA items in your family’s lunches, Mrs. Q!  These lunches look so colorful, too, especially your lunch and your son’s Wed. lunch.  Thanks for sharing them with us.

    1. I never commented on this one — I do the best I can. Sometimes it’s a big challenge!

      1. I can only imagine the enormity of both challenges–using the CSA items AND keeping up with replies to comments on your blog! Hang in there. You really do a great job with both!

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