Update: My kid is sick

…so I’m not blogging. We thought it was strep, but the rapid test came back negative. It’s also my last couple days of school (late, right?!)… Needless to say, I’m completely wrung out.

Stay tuned — my redesign is launching sometime after Friday. The new URL will be https://fedupwithlunch.com/. If you click over there, keep in mind that the design is still being worked on and looks a bit odd. But you can get a rough idea. The site won’t launch until the weekend. Let me know what you think by commenting here, not over there.

It’s going to be summer soon right? I mean, the rain will stop at some point…I’m hoping. I plan on blogging as much as I can. I’m also taking a couple trips and finally catching up on email (sorry if you have been waiting). I want to spend as much time in the sun as I can so that I can load up on Vitamin D!

Future blog topics:
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution 2 and what I think of episodes 3-5
Titanium Spork Awards
The science behind taste.
My CSA box and easy recipes I’m making with all of the lettuce bounty!
(and whatever else you guys want — feel free to suggest!)

and …

last but not least…


It’s coming out later this year! I can’t wait.
I really can’t believe it.

Thank you for reading the blog and supporting me. Without your encouragement and interest, none of this would have happened!

This is going to be an interesting autumn…

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20 thoughts on “Update: My kid is sick

  1. Hurray! I can't wait to see the book 🙂 You have added so much to the discussion on school lunch – the revolution would not be the same without you.

  2. It might still be strep! Did they do a throat culture?
    Last April I went to the doctor and failed the rapid test and was told to go home and take some advil and sleep. The next day I was worse and burning up with a fever and my throat was killing me, so I went back and failed the rapid test for a 2nd time but they took a throat culture and again told me to go home and sleep and take advil. The third day I had a 103 fever. On the 4th day I went to a different doctor who tested me for Mono and gave me an antibiotic just in case….later that night he called me personally with the test result from the throat culture from day 2 and it was a different form of strep. Thankfully with the antibiotics I got better much faster. But, I wound up missing a week of work, lost 20 pounds, and was absolutely miserable. I used to get strep a lot as a kid and knew I had it but the fact that they were going just on the rapid test annoyed me no end.

    I hope the little man feels better!

  3. Thank you Michelle! 🙂
    And Amy, they told us that 20% of people with negatives actually have strep! That seems super high. So we're keeping a close eye on our son. Fingers crossed.

  4. Those "ads" on my new site will not be there in the final print. I think they are place holders…

  5. I just noticed that the list of other food blogs that is usually to the left of this page is no longer there. Was it intentionally removed? – Yiran

  6. The new site looks great! I expect the content isn't fully finalised yet but I noticed on the Book page that it stated the book will be published in October 2010, which of course is long gone. Is it going to be out in October 2011? I'm looking forwards to reading it.

  7. The new site is looking good, Mrs. Q! I think it's easier to scan through your posts and I like that a lot. Can't wait for your book. So exciting!

    Are you going to be volunteering with Common Threads again this summer?

    Hope Toddler Q feels better soon. Hang in there and stay well!

  8. i went to check the new website and noticed the same mistake as May…October 2011 book publication, perhaps?
    also, "catalogued" instead of "cataloged"? (i have an eye for corrections, heh!)
    i will miss the `labels` and the `reactions` that come with Blogger, though! but- otherwise it's looking good!!

  9. I think the new site looks nice, although I'll miss the Blogger site, it's like home! haha

    Congrats on the book – I didn't realize it was so close to actually being in existence! That is wonderful! Can't wait to read it!

  10. I actually got sick a few days after teaching for the school year (its the south so we stop almost mid-May)and stayed sick for almost 3 weeks and so was my kid. It was crazy. Hope your house stays well.

  11. I like the labels available with blogspot; I think it will be more difficult to browse through to find things of particular interest.

    It will work fine for anyone following all along, but will be more difficult for someone coming along in the middle.

    I'm sure we'll all get used to it! Congrats on the book.

  12. new website looks crisp and sharp! I am sure we will all get used to when the time comes. It probably will be a little hard to find some of the old posts when we want/need them.
    can't wait for the book.

  13. It's thrilling to see your book on Amazon! I'm so happy and excited for you. Can't wait to read it. Huzzah!

  14. It turned out that I had strep throat a few months ago, despite a false negative on the quick strep test. So if your little guy doesn't start to improve within a reasonable space of time and/or seems *really* uncomfortable I'd say it's definitely worth going back and making a fuss until they let you have some antibiotics. And I say this as someone who understands and agrees with the reasons for not over-prescribing antibiotics. Untreated strep for nine days was really no joke even with the help of serious painkillers, but I'm an adult and I understand why the doctor made the decision she did. I think for a child I'd want to think about that treatment option sooner rather than later.
    I hope he gets better soon!

  15. Pre-order through Amazon.com? CHECK!

    I'm so excited for you and the unexpected progress since the beginning of your food adventure. I honestly hope to one day be a part of something so positive such as this one day.

    The site doesn't look too bad. I like that you didn't change it too much in design and focused more on layout. Looking forward to final design!

    Way to go. And hope your son gets better soon.

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