Giveaway winner!

I’m excited to report I picked a winner from last week’s giveaway. Sixty-four people commented (wow!) and picked:

Number #26!

Melissa V wrote:

My favorite food memory would have to with my Great Grandmother. Every time we would go visit my Sister and I would run to the kitchen and start making oatmeal raisin cookies. It got to the point where we didn’t even need the recipe anymore and knew where all the ingredients could be found in the house. I still remember the smell of her aprons and kitchen towels as well as the cow cookie jar that held all those yummy treats.

I’ll email you shortly, Melissa. I can’t tell you how this comment and all of your comments lifted my spirits last week. The memories you shared were beautiful. Thank you so much!

For the sixty-three people who didn’t win, don’t worry. There will be more giveaways this summer!

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