Mom Congress

On Monday, I will be speaking at Mom Congress in Washington DC. I’m honored and thrilled to be a part of the event and I can’t wait to connect with moms from all over the country. I hope to inspire them to action in the name of child nutrition.

I’m there to speak, but I’ll be staying to attend the conference. I can’t wait to soak up the intelligence and passion of the attendees (one mom from each state – hence “congress”) and learn about their advocacy efforts at the local level. There will be breakout sessions with attendees and of course sessions led by speakers. Parenting magazine has lined up people who are making news in education, including Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and DC school reformer Michelle Rhee. Plenty of food for thought, indeed!

I feel guilt about missing work (I’m not being compensated and I’m taking unpaid time off for those who care), but I expect to come away from the experience with even more ideas to enrich the educational experience of my students. As usual I have to thank my husband for holding down the fort so that I can participate in amazing events like this without worrying about my little boy.

I’ll be sure to write a post about what I experienced and what I learned!

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12 thoughts on “Mom Congress

  1. Wow, Mrs. Q – what an incredible experience. I am so proud of you! It's nice to know you have our backs – representing our concerns from afar. Looking forward to hearing more…
    xox Michelle

  2. Thanks for being here at Mom Congress, Mrs. Q! I am so inspired and motivated to do what you said – change the swing voters. Your suggestion about inviting another mom to eat school lunch sounds like the grossest thing – which I can now see, would be the perfect way to show what I'm talking about. Thank you!

  3. Wow – don't you get paid time off for things like this? Apparently teachers have it worse than I thought.

  4. Something needs to be done. My children watch the school menu and pick when they want to eat school lunches Since when is pancakes on a stick healthy? Cinnamon Churros, corndogs? They want to tell me how to feed my kids?

  5. Then there are those of us who eat what we want when we want it. That's our right. I've always offered healthy choices for my now teenager daughter. I'm one of the few Moms I know who homecooks family meals almost nightly from scratch. Does that mean we always eat healthy? NO. I'm not concerned. Neither daughter nor I like breakfast. I never grew up eating breakfast, and yet managed to be on honor roll every quarter/semester through all grades, just like she is. So much for theories on what is necessary. I'd like to ask the Government and everyone else to step out of our personal business. Schools should simply be in the business of educating our children with academics and mind their own business when it comes to meals.

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