Friday: Lunch Literature Book Club

The results are in — our book for the next three months is Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal. Poll results were 58% for Fast Food Nation to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life‘s 41%.
Fast Food Nation has been in print since 2002 and so it WILL be at your local library. Also it’s probably at local used book shop. If you are like me and prefer listening to your non-fiction, it is most likely also available in audio CD at your local library.

I’m going to refer to the plethora of online reading guides for Fast Food Nation so that I can hopefully stimulate more conversation and exchanges than the previous book. I’ve also already read the book so I won’t be lost.

Let’s “officially” start reading the book on May 20th. I want to give you (and me) some time to get it in hard copy or from the library and then you can take it with you over Memorial Day weekend. Lastly, I know I’ve been bouncing around with content, but I’ve decided Friday is a good day to devote to book club. This should be fun! I love reading in a group!

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4 thoughts on “Friday: Lunch Literature Book Club

  1. Finished it last week on my Nook (first book read on my new toy!!). One of my favorite features is all the notes I can make… and I take it everywhere with me. Should have lot's to talk about!!

  2. PERFECT! I just bought this book, and in a week I'll be done with college for the year, so I'll actually have time to read it (and participate)!

  3. You don't strike me as the fast-food eating type, but I read this years ago and haven't eaten at a fast food restaurant since.

  4. Great, great, GREAT choice! (My favorite chapter was the one on flavorings… kind of blew my mind.)

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