Lunch Literature Book Club and NYC School Lunches

The thought questions for this week. I’ll answer them in the comments at the end of the week:

1) What is participation (p 135)?

Participation is how many kids eat school lunch each day. The goal is to increase the number. I love how some cafeterias are creative with using theme to get kids excited about lunch (p.134):

One school had success with a computer theme: Their fruit and salad area was called “Anti-Virus,” their snack foods were called “Quick Bytes,” and the trash cans were called “downloads.”

Too cute! I really like the idea of sprucing up the cafeteria. I’m happy that some schools are thinking about ambiance and its effect on participation in the school lunch program.

2) “The ______________ is the most widely agreed upon goal of school food programs.” (p. 161)

3) What happens to the poor kids at schools that don’t participate in the National School Lunch Program (p. 172)?


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A reader shared this story with me on Facebook and I thought it was great news:


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2 thoughts on “Lunch Literature Book Club and NYC School Lunches

  1. This video article makes me so proud and pleased to see the NYC Office of SchoolFood getting some of the credit they deserve! Chef Jorge and the other folks on his team often take a lot of heat for problems beyond their control. I know for a fact that they have made incredible strides inside of a very restrictive system and have been responsible for bring some quality products to the school food market.

  2. This book has been on my list of those to read soon. I think I have one more to go until I can start this one 🙂

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