And then…

Yesterday I left you at a critical moment. I need to back up and tell you something else about that night.

I looked like crap. Like I said, I went to the screening of Lunch Line with no expectation of talking to anyone. I wanted to get in and get out. I probably had a blog post to write.

That day I spent at work and afterwards I wasn’t able to go home and “freshen up” before the movie. I was like most teachers after a long day: sweaty and tired. Also, I might have eaten a lot of garlic at dinner.

So I walked up to the front of the room where Bob Bloomer was chatting with an audience member. I waited for him to finish chatting and watched as other notables were leaving. I held my breath. What to say?

When he finished talking, I said, “Hi there, I think I know who you are and you might know who I am.”

He smiled and said, “Sorry, I’m terrible with names.”

“Well, I’m Mrs. Q.”

I don’t know how to describe the look he got in his eyes. But we started chatting. I don’t remember everything we talked about, but we cleared some things up:

  • His company did not provide the meals I ate last year. I thought that Chartwells had something to do with the lunches I ate, but they did not.
  • In chatting with him, I felt that it was obvious that he cares about the food the kids eat. How could you not if you do that job every day?

I asked him if I could interview him for the blog and he agreed. So I emailed him some questions and I’ll be posting his answers next week!

While we were standing there, Sarah Elizabeth Ippel walked up. She is the director of the Academy for Global Citizenship. She smiled widely, “Hi Bob.”

Then she turned to me and asked with a laugh, “You’re not Mrs. Q, are you?”

“Well, um, actually yes.”

I think it’s safe to say that she freaked out. She jumped up and down, covering her mouth. It’s funny to see people’s reactions, but I’m just me. And that night it was me + garlic breath! But how weird is it that she asked that question? I guess I look like myself…

She said, “I want to invite you to have lunch at my school.”

“I’d love to but I’m gluten free now.”

She replied, “I think we can accommodate that.” Um, yeah. I was intrigued.

So on March 7th I toured the Academy for Global Citizenship. I ate school lunch and took pictures with my cell, just like the old days. The experience redefined school lunch for me. I’m going to blog about it next week!

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5 thoughts on “And then…

  1. The suspense is killing me! If Chartwells didn't provide your lunches last year, then who did? And what does Chartwells do? Their name is on my kids' breakfast and lunch menus.

  2. Brilliant. So proud of you for coming out the closet. I imagine that will be happening alot this year…

  3. So basically you used this blog to advance your own agenda and become an opportunist at the expense of your students on the taxpayers' dime. Now I know why I send my children to private school.

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