I’m working on a couple product review posts for February. I solicited products to review in December when I started worrying about having enough content in 2011. I have figured out that there is still plenty to blog about even though I’m not eating school lunch.

In general, I’m keeping reviews to a minimum on the blog because it doesn’t jive with my mission. I didn’t do this blog so I could get free stuff. However, when there is a truly exceptional lunch-related product that I’d love to share with you, I’m going to do just that.

As an aside, there will be no school tomorrow because of the snow, it’s extremely cold here, and my son is sick. We’ll be hunkering down inside the house on Wednesday. I may be tweeting a little. Brrr…

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4 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Mrs. Q,

    Does your school district have "make up" days at the end of the year to compensate for school days missed due to the snow?

  2. This blog is boring. I hate it and sucks. This is just like any other blog. What happened? Don't think I'll be coming back here. Mrs. Q, you stink.

  3. If you're so bored, why'd you take the time to even post? That was rude and uncalled for.

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