You’ve got mail!

Something came in the mail to me. The note said:
Hi Mrs. Q,
We heard you are looking
for a new lunch bag…
Hope you can put
this to good use!
Imagine me, the one who was always carrying a tray every day last year, strolling into the teacher’s lounge with this bag slung across my shoulder. I wouldn’t get any stares. Nope, none at all!
Inside was this case

Inside the case was a little book and…
a laptop lunch bento system!

Thank you, Laptop Lunches! You made my day! I practically fell over with joy!

Sadly, that gorgeous purse is not getting carried to school. I think it’s way too conspicuous for me to show up with it after what I did all year. It’s like advertising that I’m Mrs. Q or something! But I am using the bento box, because I can’t just let it sit in a closet. (One day, this year, I will use that purse though…)

So this week I’ve been getting back in the swing of packing. I’m taking pictures of my lunch and my son’s lunch in the morning. I’ll do a Friday lunch wrap-up with photos of our lunches. Mine are boring, but at least his are somewhat interesting since I need to provide some variety for him to keep him interested.

One thing I figured out is that I was giving him too much yogurt. On Monday, I filled up the small container right to the brim with yogurt for myself and I could barely choke it down. A half a container of yogurt is plenty. I haven’t packed in so long that I forgot that you don’t need a lot of yogurt. I like yogurt for something sweet at the end of the lunch. At the store, I buy a large container of coconut milk yogurt and spoon it in a reusable one.

Packing lunch is weird. I forgot what it was like. It’s a pain. But I’m LOVING IT! Don’t get me wrong!

(Disclosure: Laptop lunches contributed a guest blog post last year with a giveaway. They sent me this bag as a gift for completing my school lunch project, not as a product to review and there is no giveaway today. Laptop lunches did not ask me to blog about their gift nor did they pay me any money. Later this month, I will be reviewing a number of lunch products, for adults and for children, from various different companies, some who generously sent me a product to review and other products I bought myself. So stay tuned.)

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20 thoughts on “You’ve got mail!

  1. Packing a lunch every day is a lot of work and a pain. But how much more fun will it be in your new lap top lunch case?? I'm green with envy! 😉

  2. I absolutely love Laptop Lunches! Seriously – I use them every day to pack my two daughters' lunches. I think it makes food look much more appetizing than a bunch of plastic baggies (and of course less waste). Laptop Lunches did not ask me to write this comment. 🙂
    I can swap some gluten-free dairy-free lunch ideas with you!

  3. Your bag is fabulous! (and so is the Bento box) Can't wait to see how you put that to good use!

  4. Would love to hear about what you are packing for yourself for lunch. I had a laptop lunchbox about 5 years ago and I loved the idea of it, but found it was tough to pack enough as an adult to keep me full. But I can imagine a laptop lunch would be a lot more space friendly in a school bag than a bunch of bulky tupperware! I have seriously lusted after the lunchdate kit from them for years though, just cant justify spending the money on it right now *sniff sniff…unless Laptop Lunches wants to be so generous with me! Hahaha!*

  5. ooh, sounds like you have your lunchbox review rolling already, but if you don't have a PlanetBox, you might look into trying one. We just got one and LOVE it.

  6. I love the concept but not the price. The cheapest set there is $25 and you have to find and buy your own lunchbag for it or pay much more. I know I just justify the price in my budget – just for me and the husband (after counting in finding a bag to carry it in, we'd be spending a minimum of $70. I can buy 100 pieces of tupperware for less than $30.

  7. So cool! I am just about to blog about carrying food, so there will definitely be a link back to here!

  8. I saw the top photo in my reader and knew that you had a lunch date! I love our Laptop Lunch Boxes (in fact, I posted lunches twice this week!), but I never have sprung for the lunch date. I just have the box and sleeve similar to yours – and then 6 more sets, lots of spare parts, and a few more insulated carriers and sleeves. Yes, that's a lot of them for our family of four! Some were given to me, so we've got quite a collection for mixing and matching.
    What a nice way to celebrate your accomplishment! I hope you love it as much as we love ours!

  9. I had not seen the new bag fabric…gorgeous! Laptop Lunch Boxes is a prime example of you get what you pay for. Yes, the initial investment might seem pricey, but it lasts. And, it looks good and performs brilliantly for years. Three years and counting, and that's with a preschooler, now kindergartener. Plus you can feel good about the waste you're preventing and the quality of the materials that are encasing your child's food. Good stuff!

  10. Question: does this box keep hot foods hot (to safety temps)? I want to send warm foods for lunch for my son, but of the two containers I bought, neither keep the food warm/hot. I am looking for something that I could send pasta in. I would need it to stay warm/hot for at least 4.5 hours. He doesn't have access to a microwave (I imagine most elementary school kids do not have acess to a microwave). Any thoughts or opinions on a specific brand you like? Thanks!

  11. I just saw this on Amazon — Thermos Foogo Leak-Proof Stainless Steel Food Jar, Blue, 10-Ounce — and I'm thinking about buying it to try it out. The food is not kept warm by the laptop lunches system and it's ok for my son because they have a microwave there.

    I'll have to get back to you on that one!

  12. Do you ever not complain? It's like you don't like anything. Quit your job, stop blogging and become Amish. Jesus Christ, you must be an annoying nag in your marriage.

  13. I have two of those Bento Box lunch boxes and they are perfect for a little kid lunch. I used to slice up cheddar cheese to fit perfectly into one of the containers with crackers. For a bigger kid (or an adult) you definitely need to have something else in a thermos.

  14. I will never understand why people will post such snarky comments on here. This is HER blog, HER thoughts, HER opinions. If you are so offended by her so-called complaining then why do you even take the time to bother to read and post here??!! I do not see complaining anywhere in this post, other than you Anonymous. Packing lunches is a PITA if you have to do it 5 days a week for weeks on end. Most parents who have to pack school lunches would agree it is a mundane task, but it is something we must do.

    Certain people are really annoying nags…

  15. Ooo, I'm so jealous! My boyfriend and I want to start packing his lunches more often and I've been looking into bentos. This looks way more practical and definitely up his alley (and mine!). I hope you get to use more of it soon. 😀

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