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I’ve been on the prowl for creative lunch accessories to help me re-learn how to pack. When I saw snackTAXI, I thought they looked really interesting so I emailed them and asked if I could do a product review. They said sure!


snackTAXI sent the cutest package of both a snack-size snackTAXI (Dimensions: 6″ W x 4.5″) and a sandwich-size snackTAXI (Dimensions: 7.5″ W x 6″ H). I love their choice of the mushroom print. Too cute!

It’s sturdy and well-made

They arrived in the mail in December and it felt like a gift. I kept them in a safe spot for a little while because I loved them too much to use them. (You know how you save things you treasure, when you really should use them? I did that a lot as a kid. That’s how I felt.)

And sealed with velcro!

The outside is a print, but the inside is a stiffer, more durable fabric that is meant to hold up to a lot. They are machine washable.

I opened one to find an info card

I’ve been using them all week (photos to come tomorrow for my weekly lunch wrap-up) in combination with our usual stuff. I love that every time I use one, I am saving a single-use plastic bag from going into a landfill.

Food for thought…

My son thinks the snackTAXIs are cool and if he glimpses one, he will insist that he eats a snack out of it. In my son’s lunches I’ve been sending apple and orange slices in the smaller one and then rolling it up to fit in his case. The bigger, sandwich-sized snackTAXI is really quite large. Today I put a bunch of apple chunks in it and a small-to-medium-sized bagel sandwich (photos tomorrow in my lunch wrap-up post) in it. It worked great. If you repeat snacks over a few days, I don’t think there’s a pressing need to wash them.

I liked the snackTAXIs so much that I went to their website and ordered a couple more. They have a massive catalog of prints. It’s really hard to choose because they are all so cute. For my son, I ordered two of the small snackTAXIs with the soccer ball print. Then, I decided to order the exact same set you see above for my sister. I thought about giving her the gnome print (hilarious!), but because I liked the mushroom one so much, I thought she would too. I think the price is affordable (the snack-sack is $6.95 and the sandwich-sack is $8.95) and it makes a nice, unique gift that is under $20 to send to someone far away.

In sum, I liked snackTAXIs because:

  • Earth-friendly
  • Not made out of plastic
  • Saves a plastic bag
  • Machine-washable.
  • Adorable looking.
  • Sized appropriately.
  • Wide selection of prints.
  • Adult and child friendly
  • Nice gift for under $20
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with waste-free lunches

FCC full disclosure: I received two free snackTAXIs to review. I was not given any cash compensation for sharing my opinion on the product. This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine. If I claim or appear to be an expert on a certain topic or product or service area, I will only endorse products or services that I believe, based on my expertise, are worthy of such endorsement. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider. This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

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19 thoughts on “Review: snackTAXI

  1. You mentioned Orange slices. Are the insides water proof? They look like something that's right up my family's alley. Thanks for introducing me to such a cool product.

  2. Can't wait to read the 'wrap-up'! (I assume the pun was intended, but either way, you've got me laughing!)

  3. I ordered LunchSkins (v. similar to the snackTAXI) for our family's packed lunches and traveling snacks back in August and LOVE them. In fact, I'm thinking of ordering more for other practical uses, like taming the Crayon population in my purse, on-the-go craft projects, etc.

  4. I've seen this type of product before, and I really want to try them, but before I spend my money I've had some questions about them. I would love to hear your input. 1) How well does it keep the food contained? What about foods like blueberries or dry cereal? 2) How many times can you use it for something like apple chunks before it needs to be washed? Can it be wiped off with a wet cloth?

  5. I have been using snackTAXIs and a couple of similar items for several months now and LOVE them. I put dry cereal in a version (different brand than snackTAXI) that has a full Velcro closure across the top and it works fine. We use them for brownies, tortilla chips, pretzels, croutons, granola, fruit chunks, carrots, cheese sticks, and more. They can be rinsed out and set out to dry overnight if you have put a "messier" food in them (like apple chunks). Check out to see a variety of styles from different makers.

  6. We have been using similar "snack bags" for a couple years now, ever since my oldest started preschool. We usually buy handmade ones off of Etsy and find that they hold up really well especially since I tend to rinse them in the sink and hang to dry rather than a full wash unless they get really gross. I wanted to comment though because of the mindset that they have instilled in my kids, they do not like plastic baggies. My oldest daughter has even called plastic bags her "enemy" and has taken it upon herself to try to make sure we use as few as possible and if I do use one that I try to clean it to be used again. Her favorite mantra is "you use it once and it takes 100 years to go away".

  7. I have something similar from Re-SnackIt that is also Phthalate, BPA free. It is nicely lined to make it water proof/resistant. What they did was make it a little long so that when you folded over the top to velcro it shut, the top rolls over essentiall sealing it so stuff doesn't roll out and to keep break moist. I love it and all you have to do is either shake it out or take a wash cloth and clean it out. I use an all natural recipe for sanitizer, It's half water, half rubbing alcohol, several drops of orange essential oil. I bought these during No Impact Week and blogged about it at MadCityChicks.Blogspot. It was fun! My 14yr old uses it too and she remembers to bring it back, so far…. Thanks Ms. Q for your wonderful blog, my teenager reads it once in a while and we switched from all cafeteria food to just once a week. I have her convinced she won't make it to college if she can't concentrate in high school:p

  8. Ok, it looks pretty and you and your son like it, but what is it and what does it do and how does it do it? Why would we want one? Your review is lacking some necessary information!

  9. I love the mushroom print on those, something different yet very cute!

    Anyway, I do have to ask… why have you remained anonymous if the project is over? In one of your April of last year posts you claimed you would 'Out Yourself' to the principal and that you would only do it after you were finished eating the lunches.

    I understand if you decided to remain an Anon, as it can go sour if some at your school doesn't take kindly to it. However, I am just a tad bit curious as to your decision ^_^ Good luck either way.

  10. Lisa, my experience with the LunchSkins is that the Velcro is VERY powerful. In fact, I have to help my two-year-old open them. So, it does a good job of keeping crumb-y food contained. Things like berries can get smushed into the corners, but you can put the LunchSkins in the dishwasher (and the snackTAXIs can go in the washing machine).

    I wash all of ours after each use, usually by hand because my husband is picky about what goes in the dishwasher.

  11. You mentioned packing apple chunks for lunch. How do you keep them from turning brown? Thanks!

  12. I have to say that it looks like an interesting product. I'm all for saving some plastic, but the idea of putting my sandwich, or some apple slices in a fabric pouch does not seem appetizing to me. Am I missing something? Did I completely misunderstand what the product is?

  13. let's see, where to start…

    I'm going to reveal myself, it's in the works for later this year.

    The apples get brown, but it doesn't bother me. I've tried spritzing them with lemon juice and that seems to help, but usually I don't care.

    Chelle — I think that fabric is a better alternative to plastic bags. When you think about it, do you like plastic or trust it? 🙂

  14. I found this all a bit confusing. Like others, it's not really clear to me what this is made from, and how well sealed/waterproof/airtight it is, which obviously affects what you can put in it.

    Maybe we were intended to visit the product website to find out that information, but for future reviews, I would definitely appreciate a full description of what it is and it's intended purpose.

    The description you give of the sack: "The outside is a print, but the inside is a stiffer, more durable fabric that is meant to hold up to a lot. They are machine washable." could describe anything – it could be a library bag!!

  15. Yes!! Sister says: I'm super excited to learn that I'll be getting this gift! 🙂 Thanks, Mrs. Q!! Quick question kind of along the lines of Chelle's question. Since this is fabric, doesn't it leave little fuzzies on the food? That isn't appetizing to me. Am I wrong to assume that because it's fabric it does this?

    I will probably use it 95% of the time for dry foods only since I don't own a washing machine so giving it a proper washing could only happen 1 or < times per week.

    P.s. love the patterns they offer (gnomes are hilarious)!

  16. I've been looking for something like this – thank you for the post. Just order a few from Snack Taxi and can't wait to get 'em!

  17. I would be very interested to know how they are water proof and "food safe". I worked with a fabric wholesaler and it was almost impossible to get a food graded coating.

  18. I like the concept. But I think I will will stick with my Tupperware, so that it will protect my sandwich and other items from getting smashed.

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