Open thread: Happy New Year!

What do you want to accomplish next year (and would be willing to share in a public place)?

I couldn’t have planned for this past year and so I’ve decided, after writing yesterday’s anal super-organized freak person blog post, that I need to relax a little and just let 2011 happen. Here is what I want to do:

  • Be a good mom and wife
  • Stop worrying as much
  • Focus on improving my health

Not sure I can write those in a measurable way 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Open thread: Happy New Year!

  1. For about a year, well since I first saw you blog on Yahoo news…i have been trying to incorporate more veggies….I think my goal will be to be a vegetarian till 4:00PM, I have some health issues to look at in the new year also, and restart a strenuous workout program….so health! thats all it got…
    1. Health
    2. Health
    3. Health,
    Oh i forgot due to the economy, the state I work for is almost bankrupt, so therefore I will probably have to locate a new job. oh well Good health will help with that too!

    Thanks for all you do
    Jelly Roll

  2. My goals are basic:

    * Have a healthy pregnancy (first baby was born very early but healthy now), due in June

    * Be more focused or "in the moment" when in my day-to-day routine and for the spontaneous big stuff!

    Happy New Year!

  3. -continue to do well on my schooling to become a nurse
    – focus on family and friends
    – start to become more regulated in my exercise
    – become more spontaneous and stop planning every second

  4. Your previous post on how you write your goals made me laugh –are those personal goals or learning objectives? 🙂

    One goal I have so far this year: I will make and actually keep an appointment with my doctor to figure out why my hip hurts so badly. I think my second goal will be to start getting younger instead of older. That would probably solve the whole hip issue.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year Mrs. Q !!

    "Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength" ~ Corrie Ten Boom

    I plan on retiring from my "Lunch Lady" gig in 2012 so my most important goal is a Budget and Save, Save, Save.

    I start knitting classes this week so by this time next year I hope I am one awesome knitter. I want to grow a bigger garden, read more books,and learn to spin wool from the fleeces of our sheep, write more letters to my brother and sister and like you Mrs. Q, quit worrying so much.

  6. Happy new year to everyone,
    And Congrat's Mrs. Q on your one year of food goal. I try to steer clear of resolutions and just do the best I can with what I have. As for your goals, you like to label your goals in certain ways to give time restraints and so forth, maybe for your son/hubby goal set something like more patience or a dinner out with my hubby once a month so forth; or a weekly family game night. Instead of stop worrying so much, pick one thing you dont want to worry so much about each month so that you learn to relax for each thing individually. And as for health possibly joining up in a jogging stroller group or so forth that goes out weekly. It will not only improve health but socialize with other moms/dads

  7. Happy New Year!! I wish health and happiness to everyone! My goals for 2011 are:

    1. Spiritual Goal: Complete RCIA classes with my husband and move forth in our faith (we are converting to the Catholic faith).

    2. Health Goal: Sign up for a fitness class at the YMCA or the community college. Not only will this give me an hour of "me time" each week it will help me lose these last 10lbs.

    3. Kindness Goal: Perform one random act of kindness each month. This could be sending a note to a friend "just because" or baking a healthy treat for my neighbor or surprising my co-worker with her favorite tea.

    4. Family Goal: Spend one-on-one time with each of my boys weekly. We are always in such a hustle and bustle of life and I feel like my time with them is slipping quickly away. I know one day they will want to be alone or with their friends so I am going to savor this time as much as I can. While I love doing things together as a family, it is important for me to have an opportunity to be with them one-on-one. The library, lunch, a visit to the park, etc. are all ideas (My boys are 3 and 6 years old).

    5. Family Goal: Schedule date night with my husband once a month. Even if we do not physically leave our house we will still have date night. Even if this means dessert and a movie once the boys are in bed we will still have date night. We need couple time together!

    Best wishes to you all!

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