Book Club Monday — Giveaway winners!

The publisher generously offered to giveaway five copies of Free For All: Fixing School Food in America so that more people can participate in our discussion! Everyone who commented last week was eligible for the drawing. So here goes!

I used random number generator because there was no way I could choose from all of you cool people. You guys still amaze me! There were 122 comments, which I copied into a Word document and numbered by hand (I’m old school like that). Then I went online and punched in the variables:

And then I clicked go….

Winning commenters were:

#17 – Katie Gruber
#89 – Nicole (from nik in the desert) – I added that because there were two Nicoles!
#4 – Annie_G
#53 – Marisa
#104 – Felisha

Thanks to everyone who entered! Please email me your mailing address and I’ll send it to the publisher!

I have started to read the book and I find even the introduction fascinating, especially the statistics and examples. I do think it’s a little on the dense side (sorry Janet!), but the writing is superb. It’s obvious she spent years researching and writing the book.

I’m sorry that many of you have had trouble finding it at the library, and even through interlibrary loan. That’s a bummer. I guess I have a lot more faith in interlibrary loan than I should.

I’d like to create a name for our book club and a badge for you to put on your own blog showing others that you are reading along. I was thinking “Let’s chew on it – a book club for foodies,” or the “Heartburn Book Club – Digesting books on food politics.” Those are way too corny, right? Any ideas for creative, funny names? Oh, the possibilities are endless…

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4 thoughts on “Book Club Monday — Giveaway winners!

  1. I think this book might be hard to get via ILL (inter library loan) because it is a newer book. But i know our library is really responsive to user requests, so if you ask–your local library just might buy it.

  2. Agreed Mrs. Q! Got my copy via ILL yesterday. It's going to be a VERY slow read. It's incredibly detailed, although extremely well-written.

  3. Thanks guys! I went to my library to check if that had it and they don't, even though they have tons of new title. Sorry I chose a title that is semi-obscure. It's still a perfect starting out book for this blog, but next time I'll chose something else, more mainstream and maybe a couple years old.

  4. i should be getting my copy today from amazon. the paperback didn't go on sale until 1/3. was only about $12. can't wait although my head might spin a little when reading it I guess! 🙂

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