covert photo

(Cue 1970’s funk music like the theme from Shaft)
(wucca chicca, wucca chicca)

I’m on the run.
I hope they don’t shut me down.
I’m on the front lines.
Mrs. Q!
Can you dig it?

I don’t have a home.
I get a new cell phone every few days.
I live in airports.
Mrs. Q!
Right on

I eat school lunch.
Shut yo’ mouth!

She’s a complicated lady
No one understands her but her man
Mrs. Q!

(wucca chicca, wucca chicca)
(a spontaneous dance party of one can be started by clicking this link for the original song:
(please forgive my wild silliness. I’m just overjoyed it’s the weekend!)


Today was a professional development day so no school lunch. I feel like I just had a professional development day, but I really needed this one. I had a ton of stuff to do in my room and I’m happy to report I got everything done! I was shockingly productive.


My husband and I were discussing WikiLeaks over dinner and I asked him with concern, “Am I the Julian Assange of school lunch?”
“No,” he replied with certainty, “You’re not putting our country at risk.”
Just my job, right?
Well, that’s good to know!


Some of you have asked — I want to keep blogging after I finish eating school lunch (two weeks of school left before holiday break!). There’s still a lot I’d love to blog about that I can do without physically eating the lunch. For example, I’m going to blog my “detox” (which will not be a weird cleanse, but I want to take my diet in a new direction), I want to investigate the breakfast options at my school, I want to eat lunch in the cafeteria with the kids (not in my room) and share those observations, I want to share random photos of school (like the one above), I want to talk about education, and I want to be silly and have fun too. And finally, at some point, I want to share more about myself and my story with you. I’d love to blog about my little boy and my husband as they are a huge part of me. Hopefully you’ll stick around or check back periodically to see what I’m up to in 2011. If 2011 is half as exciting  and suspenseful as 2010, then things will be fun indeed.


Don’t forget all next week is “The Eat Along Challenge”  inspired by this lovely blogger! Please gear up to post photos of your children’s lunches. I’ll share photos of my son’s lunches. If you are looking for recipe ideas for lunch, check out my favorite bento websites: and or suggest some favorite inspirational blogs in the comments. Then come back here to link up to your blog post or photo each day! Surprise giveaway TBA!

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9 thoughts on “WikiLunch

  1. Sounds like fun! I plan to take another photo of our school hot lunch and post it. Last week's was SOOOOOOOOO good.

  2. Hi! Thank you for the mention. I admire what you're doing here. Have a wonderful holiday and new year!

  3. 2 weeks!!! I am so excited for you! I am also looking forward to your posts in the new year.
    Wondering if you will occasionally buy a school lunch so people wont wonder or if you will come out of the closet so to speak. What is the plan?

  4. I can't wait to see what happens next. It's always interesting and I know that whatever you do after you are done eating school lunches will be entertaining and informative.

  5. Great rappy dance thing!
    I am looking forward to your post lunches posts, and I will be relieved to see you be able to treat your digestive system a lot better! Cheers!

  6. Pollution, Packaged foods, caffeine, smoking, drinking etc over a period of time can impair our immune function and affect our health. If our body mechanism is not detoxifying on its own then we should take steps to detoxify by therapies like juice fasting and detoxification diets.

  7. I think I'll like that you're blog will be a little different post next year. I'm eager to hear what the students think about the lunches and what they think should be changed – or if they've even thought about it much. I'm also jealous of your professional days. My district has 1 all year and it is spent in scheduled meetings. The only days they give us free are the day before the students arrive in August, and the day after the students leave in June.

  8. I would have liked to participate in photographing the lunches I painstakingly and lovingly make for my pre-teen step-daughter, because when she first became part of my life her lunches quickly became a serious source of stress for me. I wanted to be a winner with her — or at least to make things that I approve of and that she'd eat — but there was a small area of agreement. I did eventually triumph after about 6 months with a list of likes and dislikes, but still can't blog the photos.

    Why??? Well, I lost the battle — in a way. The second year of living together, suddenly her lunches started coming back, untouched, everyday. When her father asked her about it, she just said that she wasn't hungry. When I asked her about it outside of his hearing range, she admitted that she'd taken to eating junk with her pocket money and her friends. Iced Cappuccino and pizza slices or fries. When I'd report this to him, he would be confused because his little girl doesn't lie to him. Finally, one monday, — after she'd handed me an uneaten lunch that her bio-Mum had made for her on Friday which had sat in her school bag, hiding, all weekend, I knew it wasn't just my problem.

    SO I dragged the truth out of her in front of her father. Although a long conversation ensued between the three of us, it was clear that she was going to eat whatever junk she and her friends deemed cool rather than the lunches her bio-Mum or I made for her. In the end, I told them both that I was the child of a refugee and would not continue making lunches for her unless she was going to eat them because the waste of food was killing me. So, basically, I don't make lunches for her anymore, although if she asked for one I certainly would! Knowing what she's eating instead is killing me too… but when you're reaching the teen phase and kids have pocket money and fast food outlets station themselves within a block of the school… it's really a losing battle.

  9. I can remember my school had an actual cafeteria that prepared the food. Before school you could get fresh made cinamon rolls with butter to start your day. Then, except for Friday, you had two different choices of main course and sides. Friday was cursed because it was either Tuna Noodle Cassarole or some other fishy glue concoction that I never could eat. I don't like fish to this day. Otherwise, the food was reasonable and had an OK taste. The Sloppy Joes were to die for.

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