The past six months have been pretty tough with cancer diagnoses in two relatives and two family friends. I can assure you that it wasn’t massive cupcake binges that caused cancer in these healthy, terrific people. In fact, I would say that they eat very well and exercise frequently.

In today’s previous post, I was trying to say something in way that offended some. I apologize if it was taken as “inflammatory” or “irresponsible.” That was certainly not the intent. Something just seems odd to me with the idea selling cupcakes for cancer research. I can see selling fruit or veggies for cancer research. What if it was another less healthy food? Donuts for cancer research? I couldn’t plop money down for that. I’d prefer to donate directly to the organization. I can’t change that opinion of mine, but in the future I’ll try to tone it down so that it doesn’t make you cringe when you read something I write. I promise never to joke about cancer again.

I find myself getting into tangles when I state opinions and I’m sure other bloggers get into trouble too. That’s probably why many blogs rarely stray into controversial territory preferring to remain firmly in the vanilla. But everything you see on a blog is somebody’s viewpoint, somebody’s journal entries, somebody’s private thoughts. The good, the bad, the ugly.

A few months ago a reader named Sill left me the most profound comment.
I immortalized it on a post-it note on my computer
I need to review that every now and then. When the post-it note fails, I go do dishes and look up to see this:
That works great!
The funniest thing about today’s little comment o’mine? I like cupcakes! I thought the blog post’s other content was more provocative.

(By the way, I just bought this book Cake Pops. I couldn’t resist and they can be made gluten-free. I was going to give the book as a gift, but I can’t part with it.)

The book is so pretty
You need to know that although I love cupcakes, cookies are my real downfall. I can eat a package in 24-48 hours. Will I get cancer from frequent binges on processed cookies? Who knows!? The vast majority of people I know who are currently battling cancer or who are cancer survivors got cancer out of the blue. Cancer is a terrible thing.

So I’ll work harder not to go overboard with dramatic comments, but can you meet me halfway? If I bother you, please stop reading. If I bother you and you continue to read what I write, don’t take things personally. It’s only a blog.

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7 thoughts on “Personally

  1. Mrs Q,

    I for one wasn't at all offended by what you wrote. The logic was perfectly clear to me. In fact, I remember going to a local park not too long ago, when coincidentally a fun-run supporting cancer research was going on. What were they serving the participants? Hot dogs and doughnuts!

    I think we can do a much better job of providing a consistent line when it comes to the foods & treats offered in schools, not just in the cafeteria, but also fundraisers, special meals, and when teachers hand out prizes to students – kids don't need candies as an incentive for good work – I'm sure a nice apple or mandarin would be just as welcome as a cheap candy.

  2. This is something I found out recently as well, people seem to be offended with some of the things I write, and for the most part I am not out to be provocative or anything… Anyway, happy holidays and best wishes to your family.

  3. As a cancer survivor, I was pretty offended by what you wrote earlier, although I did not comment on that post because I'm not so much into berating people who, after all, I am not paying to read. But I wanted to say here that I truly appreciate your willingness to take a step back and consider the criticism you receive, and I appreciate this follow-up post.

    I read your blog because I think the subject of school lunch is important, and because I enjoy your writing and your openness to all points of view. I'm happy to meet you halfway. As you say, it is "just a blog."

  4. I think part of the issue people are having may be because of your transformation over the past year or so. While you have grown and changed because of your experience, I'm not sure how many of your readers have gone through the same things. So while you have a new outlook on nutrition and food, a lot of us may not have made such great leaps and bounds.

    I've been reading from the beginning and I haven't commented, but over the past month or so I have noticed a real change in your posts. I understand this is a stressful project, and there are many outside factors to consider as well, but I honestly I miss the old Mrs. Q! When things approach the "preachy" side, I tend to tune them out, especially when it comes to personal decisions.

    I don't know if I'll continue to read after the project is over, but I hope your message continues to read many readers every day.

  5. im sorry about what that lady said from slice of life, you didnt sound crazy, AND you didnt say cupcakes cause cancer. when she wrote that too much of anything could cause cancer..well thats a blanket statement my friend, you just did what you were accusing this(you) blogger of doing. *shakes head sadly*
    some people take things personally when they are overweight. try not to take it to heart,ok?

  6. Hey, it's your blog – you get to write what you want!!! I am in full agreement. Ditch the bake sales and I sure like Philippa's response above. My daughter is in public school for the first time this year (we've homeschooled for the past 6 years) and I'm disturbed by the fact that in elementary school, the kids can buy Doritos and Capri Sun. UGH!!! I think things are headed in the right direction with the removal of soda and junk food machines but we still have a long way to go. Keep up the good blogging! Anything that gets people thinking and talking is progress in my opinion.

  7. Sorry guys. I'm still pretty new at this and crafting a voice. I stumble, fall, and feel embarrassed. I wish I could meet you face to face and chat, I'm actually a good person.

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