"Kifmas ti!"

My favorite thing about this picture? The neck rolls.
My least favorite thing? He has grown out of that sweater in the three weeks since we put the tree up.

Thank you readers for following me along on this journey. I ate school lunch all year for my students. I think about them a lot when I see my son doing wonderful things and growing up into a beautiful little boy. I hope that life affords them the same opportunities I want my son to have. Most importantly, I want them to have access to safe, healthy food that will help them grow into productive citizens and realize their full potential in life.

Happy holidays everyone!

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7 thoughts on “"Kifmas ti!"

  1. Merry Christmas!

    And look on the plus side. Your son could be a twin, like me, or triplet, and so on. Imagine buying clothes for 2 or 3 toddlers! 😛

    Thank you for doing this informative project. 🙂

  2. Happy Holidays to you, Mrs. Q! The title made me smile, since when my daughter was two we were given "The Clapper" and we attached it to the Christmas tree lights. Her little claps weren't loud enough to make it work, so we told her to just yell at the tree. She would stand in front of it and with everything she could muster yell, "PIPSMAS TEE!" Endless entertainment.

  3. Wow, when I saw that picture I thought it was a professional shot 🙂 I hope you and your family have a beautiful holiday. Your an inspiration to me. May God bless you and your family.

  4. Mrs. Q,
    Thanks so much for sharing such a personal moment with us. This photo is a beautiful reminder of what this season should be about. I know I am guilty of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed this time of year. I was so touched when I saw this. It made me stop and think about what is really important. Blessing of health and happiness to the Q family in 2011. :~)

  5. Thank you, Mrs. Q. for all you've done to bring this tremedously important issue to the attention of so many people…it was worth it!!!

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