Open thread: Titanium Spork Award for September — Nominations?

Cue the music….

Titanium Spork Awards are back!

It all started when I got a bunch of titanium sporks from thinkgeek after I blogged about titanium sporks. I decided to give away one per month as recognition to people working to change school food. Previous deserving winners included:

April’s winner was Jamie Oliver from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Here’s his acceptance speech (below):

May’s winner was Lisa Suriano from Veggiecation. Here’s her acceptance speech (below):

June’s winner was Lauren DeSantis from Marblehead Massachusetts. Here’s her acceptance speech.

Thinkgeek told me that if I ever wanted more, all I had to do was ask. I contacted them this week and they’re like, “Cool, we’ll send a ton of them in the mail to you, Mrs Q!” It’s nice to have a little influence in the spork department!

Please nominate someone who you believe is doing great things for school food reform in the comments! I’m going to give away a titanium spork award every month of the school year!

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7 thoughts on “Open thread: Titanium Spork Award for September — Nominations?

  1. I've nominated her in the past, and will do so again: Kate Adamick of S'Cool Food. She has been a passionate advocate of healthy school food for many, many years.

  2. YAY!~
    Jaime Olliver said your name! (or at least your nom de spork)

    Sigh. You're famous.
    –kate in Michigan

  3. I just found this blog a couple days ago, but have sat and started reading from the beginning until I could catch up. :]

    Currently, I am studying abroad in England for the semester (I normally live in Illioins).

    This bit of news seemed like something I should share, and although it isn't about the food itself, it is about school lunches. They tried to change the time of the lunch from kids and they completely freaked out. thought you might find it interesting!

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