Laptop Lunches Giveaway Winner!

Amazingly 167 readers commented on the Laptop Lunches guest blog post on Monday to participate in the bento giveaway. Your comments touched me and I really wish everyone could get a laptop lunch bento kit. I used random number generator to pick the winning number to keep it fair (and so I didn’t have to!) and the lucky commenter was:

Number #73! Commenter Chipper Jules!! (Email me!) Your comment was:

What a great system. We would not only use this to pack school lunches if selected – but it would also be handy for bringing our own snacks/lunches along on the road. I would also use the recipe suggestion book to have my older child make some lunch decisions on his own and help prepare some of his own lunches.

But that’s not all!

The founders of Laptop Lunches were overwhelmed by the response to the guest blog and want to offer 10% off to all the readers of the blog. If you place an order on and use the promotional code: FEDUPWITHLUNCH you will receive 10% off.

Thanks so much for participating in the giveaway!

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