Urban Farming: Growing Power

Bon Appetit June 2010
Will Allen, GrowingPower.org
Mr. Allen’s shirt reads,
“The good food movement is now a revolution,”
I want a shirt like that one too!
I have only recently learned about urban farming and had never read about Will Allen until I saw this article in Bon Appetit. I read his bio on Wikipedia. Mr. Allen is an urban farmer and his organization is Growing Power.

Growing Power is a national nonprofit organization and land trust supporting people from diverse backgrounds, and the environments in which they live, by helping to provide equal access to healthy, high-quality, safe and affordable food for people in all communities. Growing Power implements this mission by providing hands-on training, on-the-ground demonstration, outreach and technical assistance through the development of Community Food Systems that help people grow, process, market and distribute food in a sustainable manner.

The MacArthur Foundation awarded him the MacArthur Fellowship (genius grant) in 2008. Mr. Allen’s organization is hosting a conference in September: Growing Power’s National-International Urban & Small Farm Conference.
(Readers: I know you will suggest I go. I would but I will be speaking at a different conference in another state over that identical weekend. Sadly I can’t be in two places at once!)
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8 thoughts on “Urban Farming: Growing Power

  1. Detroit is becoming the land of urban farming, which I find to be fantastic. There is talk of turning many of the vacant plots into farm land (which many people have already done). The really hard part is making sure the soil is clean.

  2. Composting is a fantastic science lesson for all ages. Every family can compost with a worm bin even in a small apartment. We throw away so much that can become good soil. With good soil you can plant a garden just about any where.
    Isn't Mr. Allen interviewed on the Movie "Fresh" too?

  3. Hey he's in my neighborhood =)!!! I have met him and seen his displays at the state fair. That guy rocks! His organization is doing so many good things it's almost hard to believe. Too bad you aren't headed this way – it would have been nice to meet you too =)

  4. Growing Power is amazing! I'm (kinda) in the neighborhood where it is, and have gone on the tour of their urban farm. It's amazing what he (and the workers) have done with the land they have, and how sustainable they are. Too bad you're not headed this way. I would definitely suggest trying to come back and take a tour though!

  5. I'm going in the fall to get some worm castings from Growing Power! They also offer some great market baskets every week! Love growing power!

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