Titanium Spork Award for June

The winner is: Laura DeSantis

Congrats! If you want more information of about Laura, you’ll have to check out this blog post Model School Food Program in Marblehead, Massachusetts from Ali’s Brave New Lunch. Ms. DeSantis incorporates curriculum and food (e.g. they read “Three Cups of Tea” and made Pakistani curry). Parents also volunteer in the kitchen and kids clean up too.

Now I have to find Ms. DeSantis (and her mailing address)!

The results were:

Laura DeSantis, the Nutrition Director @ Marblehead Public School 37 (40%)
Chef Ann Cooper of The Lunch Box 32 (35%)
Ed Bruske of The Slow Cook 24 (26%)
Stephanie Alexander (in Australia) 8 (8%)

I have had such fun giving away titanium sporks. Thanks to everyone who participated whether they nominated or voted. I have no more sporks to give away so that’s the end of the award!

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2 thoughts on “Titanium Spork Award for June

  1. The spork awards are such a fun way to give thanks and raise awareness. I really enjoyed this portion of your little corner of the net. 🙂

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