June recap

Six months down…

June stats:

12 school lunches eaten:
(2 – pizza lunches)
(3 – burger-like lunches)
(2 – chicken lunches)
(1 – hot dog lunch)
(1 – pasta lunches)
(1 – PB and J sandwich)
(1 – chili)
(1 – cheese sandwich)


(5 – fruit cups)
(6 – carrots)
(0- apples)
(1 – bananas)
(2 – beans)
(1 – broccoli)
(1 – orange)
(0 – green beans)
(1 – fruit jello)
(2- tater tots)
(1 – corn)
(1 – fruit icee)
(0 – peas)
(0 – pears)
(0 -greens)



What I posted in June:

Summer plans – I’m doing some cool stuff that I’ll tell you about in detail later in the summer.

Children’s Food Bill of Rights
Be Q – I challenge you to do something different this summer
Salad bars in schools – an article I found

Summer lunch: restaurant tacos – those tacos were amazing…
The perfect chocolate chip cookie – recipe in the comments!  
Fuel thermos – something I bought for hot soup
Hospital breakfast – a meal I ate in the hospital
The results are in…my health is…

Soup up my lunch posts:

Guest bloggers:
College cafeteria food
Reducing cafeteria waste
Ronald McDonald
Ed Bruske, The Slow Cook
Amy Kalafa, Two Angry Moms
Better Bagged Lunches
Step-mom with veggies at school
Convenience store gluttony

Denver area school lunch experience


Open threads in June:
Summer food festivals and favorite farmer’s markets
School lunch reformers
Vegetarians, vegans, and people with food allergies
Beverages at school


What I learned about myself:

  • Thanks for your comments and emails. They mean the world to me.
  • I still am proud of myself for doing this blog project and balancing the rest of my real life responsibilities. I don’t know how I find the time.
  • I ate through half a year of school lunches! And my health didn’t suffer too badly in the short run..
I’m always open to
  • guest bloggers who care about school lunch issues
  • international perspectives on lunches at school
  • your thoughts and feedback


Coming in July: Random school lunch and children’s food-related photos, more “soup up my lunch,” AND I’m taking a vacation…

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