Summer plans

I decided against being an actual lunch lady (instead I’m going to do something else see bottom). I hope that doesn’t disappoint you guys too much. It was a great idea but here’s why it’s not feasable:

1) Exhaustion

I’m wrecked. The blog project has been a huge undertaking in addition to all my other responsibilities. I’m not getting a lot of sleep and I’m not eating that great (ahem). I need to rest, to eat right, and to exercise. It became obvious over the past month or so that I don’t have the energy to actually work through the summer.

2) Childcare

Our budget can’t cover full-time childcare during the summer. Plus I don’t want our kid to spend every day at daycare during the summer. It’s nice for us to have some time together at home and doing things in the community. We can afford a couple days a week of care so we’ll do that for socialization and for me to volunteer with kids.

3) Employment

I didn’t want to be an employee this summer (see number one). Working as a lunch lady is not about “the money” but instead it’s about the experience, which I can get as a volunteer. Plus an employee has to stick to a schedule and get vacations approved. Sorry to say but I’m going on vacation this summer. Do not try to stop me!

HOWEVER I’m going to be volunteering a couple days a week working with kids…and there will be food there too. But it’s not being a lunch lady. I’ll write a series about what I’m doing over the summer when I’m actually doing it.

To recap — my summer plans include:
1) Volunteering — to be detailed more in July and August
2) Being a cell phone journalist — (what I do best) taking pictures of children’s food environment and blogging about it
3) Being a Mommy — need I say more?
4) Taking a break  from school lunches!

And Wednesday is the last school day with students and Friday is my last day of work… So close! Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly….I’m still going to be paranoid until Friday rolls around!

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14 thoughts on “Summer plans

  1. Ya do what is best for YOU and your family…I completely respect that.

    Have a lovely summer eating CLEAN:)


  2. That's a good plan. =)

    You better start catching up and eating right! ^__^

    Take care! =)

  3. Americorps does alot of work with feeding kids in the summer, check out their programs and see if you can find something in your area that would suit your schedule.

    By the way, I have been reading your blog for a while now and it has really interested me. I have 2 kids, ages 14 and 8, in our public school system right now. I would like to try and change the lunch system at their schools, but right now I'm busy finishing up my BSN and preparing for a new baby. Once I have the time, I plan on putting alot of effort into working with the school system.

    After I started reading your blog though, I started packing the kids' lunches every day. I have noticed a big difference in their grades and their attention span with the changes to their lunches.

    Thanks for keeping me motivated to make that difference for my kids and every other kid in their school!

  4. Your plan is a good one. You're doing the right thing. Like the airline attendants always say, you can't help anyone if you've passed out because you tried to put an oxygen mask on someone else before putting yours on. Take care of yourself, get strong, have some fun, enjoy your family, especially your little one. It's really true, they're gone way too soon.

  5. have a great vacation. I have am a fan of your blog and I find it amazing that you are dedicated enough to put up with the stress of possibly being fired, having to write and manage a blog with a lot of subscribers, and having to eat all that processed stuff during the week. No one should take offence to your well deserved break.

  6. I really enjoy reading your blog! I am also a teacher in the Midwest and ate lunch everyday at school during the 2008 -2009 school year. I ate exactly what the kids ate, same portions, everything. That was my first year teaching.

    During that year, I gained 15 pounds even though my eating habits outside of school were healthy. My energy level, mood, and waistline suffered greatly. After that first year, I decided never to eat school lunch again. The extra weight is gone and I am back to being "normal'.

    You are a brave soul! Thank you for bringing awareness to this problem. Have a fantastic summer!

  7. Thanks! I'm really dying for a vacation. I do believe that summer breaks are too long though as kids show regression in skills when they return in the Fall. Sometimes many weeks are spent reviewing. But anyway I appreciate time off.

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