Summer lunch: restaurant tacos

Out to lunch – Three al pastor (seasoned pork) tacos with cilantro and lime, refried beans, rice, water – $10

I wanted to get tacos yesterday but something came up. So today was the day. I love this place, but I don’t get over to it very often (I will reveal the name one day…). I squeezed the lime wedges on the tacos lime juice was dripping everywhere and I was forced to lick lime juice off of my fingers!  A very sensory meal (quite the opposite of a school lunch). Cilantro and lime are a perfect match. The tacos were a splurge cost-wise, but a delicious treat after a long school year. Refried beans are one of my favorite foods.
Because some of you have mentioned an interest in what I will eat for lunch over the summer, whenever possible I will post photos of my home lunches and lunches eaten in restaurants. Today’s lunch was takeout as I couldn’t stay and eat it at the restaurant, which is very small anyway.
I had my doctor’s appointment today. My husband and I see the same doctor and we really like him. I told him about the project. He told me “that’s very noble of you.” I’ll tell you about it in a separate post about my health.
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16 thoughts on “Summer lunch: restaurant tacos

  1. That looks absolutely amazing, makes me crave tacos now. You so deserve to eat well and good this summer! Here's to you, Mrs Q!

  2. Looks yummy!
    I love refried beans too and they are a cinch to make at home too. If you cook the pinto beans yourself you can limit the salt. Most canned refried beans have 400 mg of sodium per serving.
    add that to the sodium in the taco shell or tortilla and you have about half of your daily intake of sodium right there.

  3. Congrats on splurging on a yummy lunch! That looks like REAL Mexican food. I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

  4. I'm a total wannabe foodie, and I love authentic Mexican! I wish like heck that I liked cilantro, but I'm one of those unfortunate folks who thinks cilantro tastes like Dawn. Oh well!

  5. Looks delicious . . . I warmed up for dinner something that I concocted . . . it's not "true" Mexican by any stretch of the imagination . . . just flavors of Mexican fare. I cook rice, add cooked chorizo sausage, diced tomatoes, peppers, and onions, some seasonings, black beans and pinto beans, and add some frozen corn. Then I warm up some tortillas, place some of the mixture on the tortilla, add some cheese and a dollop of sour cream, and roll up like a burrito. I have no idea the carbs or calories, but it is yummy once in a while!

  6. It's been a while since I've had real Mexican. Those look so delicious to me right now!

  7. While the food looks quite delicious, it does have something in common with your school lunches.
    This is yet another synthetic product made of oil. Here's more info on where styrofoam comes from and where it goes.
    As I watch the wound in gulf of Mexico continue to bleed oil into our ecosystems, I can't help but think how vital it is for all of us to cut back on our fossil fuel consumption.

    There is something you and everyone reading this can do about styrofoam. Check out Take Out Without! Its a campaign to reduce restaurant waste.

    Happy that you're enjoying better meals.

    PS Have the doc check your Omega 3 and 6 levels while you're getting some bloodwork. You've no doubt been eating high amounts of cottonseed, soy and corn oils this year. That will boost Omega 6.

  8. Thanks guys! It was amazing. I think my soul needed it more than my stomach.

    @Melanie – that's too bad you don't like cilantro!

    @Carol – your homemade version sounds good too!

    @DrSuRu – I know. Styrofoam is no good. I'll check out that website

  9. I worked in a school in Chicago and they used these sandwiches as punishment. If the students had a food fight or a regular fight in the cafeteria, the workers would then serve them pb&j sandwiches for a week. Students who forgot and didn't bring food from home would try to order in fast food and they would get detention or suspended for it. It usually turned into this big showdown between the cafeteria workers and the students and would result into another fight or food fight. The teachers and administration would then have to come in and sheriff the cafeteria as the punishment was doled out. Also, they would only get the sandwiches and white milk.

  10. Wow- those tacos look good! We just got a new Mexican restaurant in the area (technically in the middle of nowhere, but only about 25 minutes away) that is totally authentic. Their quesadillas are to die for! Their tacos are pretty amazing too, but not as much as the quesadillas. 🙂

  11. Ah, so you do have real Mexican food there! Compare that to the "Tex-Mex" your school serves.

    Cilantro and lime are always a good touch. And it's got shredded pork (instead of ground beef) and crumbly white cheese (instead of melted cheddar) on the beans too. Very good.

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