May Titanium Spork Award

And the winner of May’s Titanium Spork Award is….

Lisa Suriano of Veggiecation (also on Twitter)

She received the most votes in the poll. Veggiecation is “a curriculum based lunch program that introduces young children to the wonderfully delicious and nutritious world of vegetables.” I really like seeing what Veggiecation is doing to help kids eat better food at school. We need more forward thinkers like Lisa.

Michelle Obama got the second most votes, which is great but like I said before I don’t feel comfortable sending something made of titanium to the Obama’s address in DC. I don’t need the FBI trying to figure out my identity!

I’ll open up the poll for June later this month. Thanks so much for voting!

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5 thoughts on “May Titanium Spork Award

  1. Congratulations, Lisa! A well deserved honor for your focused and innovative work to empower children to make nutritious decisions.

  2. Congrats to Lisa!

    (But I don't understand: Why include Michelle Obama in the poll if you don't want to send her the spork?)

  3. You beat Michelle Obama!!! Wow, good for you! Your passion for children & their awareness of the wonderful world of vegetables is both infectious & admirable! Congratulations!!

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