Day 95: rib-b-que *grain forgotten*

Today’s menu: “rib-b-que,” beans, peach fruit cup, milk, (buns forgotten!)

No buns were grabbed for this post (juvenile humor…couldn’t resist). So whole wheat buns were offered, but I was in a rush and I didn’t get them. I know the picture of the “rib-b-que” looks awful…but I have to say that when I opened the package up, the aroma that filled the room was not bad. It smelled meaty. Its taste was…passable and the baked beans were ok. The beans didn’t taste bland to me like they used to. Makes you wonder about my tastebuds….they might not be that reliable. Even though I ate everything today, I wouldn’t want my kid to eat this meal. Processed beef is not for us.

I first got a cell phone about 10 years ago. It was a very basic Nokia model and it just sat in my car for me to use “in emergencies.” Talking on a cell phone was not something I really did. We had a landline at home and we used that to talk to faraway family and friends. After about two to three years I upgraded to a flip phone and I thought it was “cool.” The phone did not have a camera as that was just coming out at the time I deemed that totally unnecessary. We started using our phones to call after 7 pm when we had “free” minutes.

When I did finally get a camera phone a few year later, I took a few pictures of family so I could program family members photos with their numbers. I also took a couple shots of nature for my phone’s background. Then I upgraded to a phone with a texting keyboard because I got into texting with my friends and my family (though not my husband because he’s just not into that). I loved that phone so much and took tons of pictures that I emailed to my facebook account and to family members. My photos consisted of the family and funny things I saw out in the world.

Finally earlier this year I made the jump to a “smart” phone. Switching phones while the blog project was underway was challenging, but an advanced phone is an absolute must. There’s no way I could manage this blog project without having instant access to the internet. I also really love taking pictures with it as you can see.

Ten years ago no one really “blogged” or took cell phone pictures and posted them online. And no one “twittered.” It’s like a whole new world. I never thought I’d be a undercover-cell-phone-school-food-journalist. But here I am.

Oh and this summer I plan on taking pictures related to our food culture (mostly screwed up food-related advertising to children) and posting them to the blog. I’ve already gathered up some very interesting photos.

In regards to my bashing of mashed potato flakes on Friday, I just want to say that I buy little red potatoes that I do not peel. I wash them, boil them, and mash them with their skins on. Peeling potatoes is something I try to avoid doing.

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27 thoughts on “Day 95: rib-b-que *grain forgotten*

  1. Reminds me of an article in Parents magazine… it was a bit on what to feed your kids, as in how many servings of fruits and veggies and healthy serving suggestions… and right there on the page opposite the first page of the piece, a full-page ad for Pop Tarts. It was disgusting.

  2. Rib-a-ques, how I hate thee. Seriously, that is not rib meat in any way, shape or form. It is a mystery meat patty pretending to be ribs. It's the same concept as McD*nald's McR*b. The funny thing is that a whole other nationwide tradition has been made around this fauxwich. How sad.

  3. potatoes are *ALWAYS* better with the skins on … aside from being easier to cook.

  4. I wonder how the food that you have become used to will taste after your summer break. You will probably have to get used to it all over again. Blagh!!!

  5. Since I started reading this blog I think this lunch is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I wouldn't want my son eating it and was surprised that you did. Kudos to you for your strength and courage, but YUCK !!!

  6. Although I follow your blog everyday and enjoy seeing pics of your daily lunches, I've been consistently disappointed by the lack of hard critique around what you're eating. Seeing the pictures of such clearly processed food is disappointing but not informative or educational. What does it matter that the fake ribs smell reasonable? It doesn't. What does matter is the most likely, mile-long ingredient list that makes for the appealing aroma.
    I'm sorry to say that your guest bloggers are starting to out-shine your own contributions.
    Just a little constructive criticism to help move a good cause upward.

  7. I do a weak critique for many reasons. Much of the time I leave it to the commenters to do the "flaming"

  8. The "rib-b-que" is getting all the attention – for obvious reasons – but I bet the peaches aren't so good for you either. They are very likely a USDA commodity food like the ones in our school – which contain not just peaches but corn syrup AND sugar – 16g of sugar in all. We've learned a lot about our school's food by insisting on seeing the labels — you can find out more about a lot of the school lunch commodity foods at out blog –

  9. I don't mind the simple comments about the food. I think you would drive yourself crazy still having to eat it everyday if you analyzed everything that was in it. You report what it is and how eating it is affecting you. We all know it is unhealthy. It's the parents and community members in your district that need to be aware of it so they can bring about change. Not us anonymous people out in cyber space.

    I think looking at direct marketing to kids would be a great topic to investigate/blog about. The more I learn about it, the more fascinated and disgusted I am. The first that comes to mind is a commercial for Fruit Loops where the kids are pretending to be doctors discussing how good it is for you because it has fiber in it. I'm sure a tiny bit of fiber counteracts all the sugar, artificial colors, refined flour and whatever else is in there.

    Summer is on the horizon. Hang in there Mrs. Q!

  10. I have been reading this blog for a few months now and I think it's something that all parents of school aged children should see. It is accomplishing it's purpose which is to open our eyes to what our kids are being served at school. Kids don't use fancy words when they tell mom what they ate for lunch and not once has my 7yo described the "aroma" or "notes" she tasted in her food. How does it look? How does it smell? How does it taste? How does it feel to eat it? These are the things that matter to our kids. This blog, however, is showing us that we need to take things to the next level and teach our kids to ask "what is it made from" and "how will eating this affect my body and my health". Kudos to Mrs. Q for taking on this challenge on behalf of our kids!

    I also wonder why the "flamers" are always anonymous? If you have an opinion but are afraid to associate yourself with it then maybe you should keep it to yourself.

  11. I'd love to see the ingred. list for this fake rib. Yuck.
    I just bought a book full of vintage kids food graphics on a clearace rack at a local half price books, I plan on using some of them in an art journal about food this summer.
    Some of the pictures bring back memories, but mostly this book just shows how advertising has drawn children to products. It started Early, 1935 with Post and Mickey Mouse.

  12. Since I've never had the rib thing at McDonald's, do these ribs actually contain bones, or is it solid meat? Do you eat it with your hands or cut it up? Just curious because I've never seen something like this.

  13. Seeing these pictures makes me feel sorry for the kids who eat this food day in and day out. I was lucky to have a packed lunch when I went to school, but some don't have that choice. I'm appalled at what they're feeding these children!!

  14. I'm with Reagan. As a fan of *authentic* barbecue, it's sad for that name to be attached to a processed hamburger patty. (To start with, ribs are supposed to, you know, have BONES in them. That's what ribs ARE, you know.)

    But, as the so-called "Tex-Mex" demonstrates, school lunch is not exactly the place to sample authentic cuisine, not even American cuisine, unless you count snack food like hot dogs.

    BTW, going off topic a little bit, I remember a while back there was a post on American food culture. I just got a book called Renewing America's Food Traditions by Gary Paul Nabhan. Good book for people who don't think America has any real cuisine. We actually have several.

  15. I realized last Thanksgiving that I had gone years without owning a peeler. I don't peel potatoes, carrots, fruits or veggies. But when I wanted to make a really impressive apple pie, I had to get one.

  16. @ocnative – check out (link on Mrs. Q's page) for a look at the "mcRib." Unfortunately, it will more than answer your question. I think it might be listed under the "Frankenfood" section.

  17. Anyone notice that a majority of the comments (and I hypothesize readers as well) are female?

  18. Lol, I hate peeling potatoes too! Everyone in my house eats 'smashed' potatoes- red or sometimes Yukons,- with the skins smooshed in!

  19. Actually you might be *disappointed* with my spelling skills!! That's what happens when you rush…

  20. Mrs. Q, you are under no obligation to impress any of us (ahem, Anonymous who says the guest bloggers outshine Mrs. Q. Then go read the guest blogger blogs.). I'm not a parent and I don't eat school lunches, but this is a must read blog for me.

  21. Mrs. Q, May I suggest you read Marion Nestle's blog Food Politics for information on advertising. I think you'll enjoy it!

  22. "Anonymous said…

    Au Contrair! I have had my online journal for ten years now. : ) "

    Old school journaller 😉 I've had mine for more than ten years as well.

  23. Actually 10 years ago many of us had online journals as opposed to blogs. So we "journalled" rather than "blogged"

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