Day 92: pizza

Today’s menu: pepperoni pizza, carrots, banana, goldfish

For the first time ever I became nauseous while eating a meal. I was about halfway through the pizza and I felt sick to my stomach. I don’t think I was in danger of actually puking, but it was not a pleasant sensation. But I moved forward and finished the pizza. Thankfully I feel fine now.

The goldfish are upside down because this is not an advertisement for goldfish. In fact, today I ate white cheddar bunnies (Annie’s brand) and those crackers are crack. I am not a cheese cracker person (I don’t eat goldfish or cheese crackers) so this is high praise. I gave the goldfish to a coworker.


Did Ronald Mc*Donald visit your child’s school this year? The character goes around to schools and does a little talk about “reading.” Great message, but what do the kids *really* remember? Reading or fries? Just saying.

Also I really like the Ronald Mc*Donald House(s). In fact, I have a relative who was involved with them for a long time. You know, they do great things for families. I think they could change the name without anyone noticing. Like “Mickie D’s House.” Isn’t it ironic that the Ronald Mc*Donald House supports families with children who have cancer, but their food if consumed in large quantities might lead to cancer?

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24 thoughts on “Day 92: pizza

  1. You know, if you actually do wind up rolfing over one of these meals, we won't look down on you. I would.

  2. Carrots and bananas look OK but the pizza looks awful.
    Ronald McDonald did not visit either of my children's school this year. I had not heard about Ronald McDonald visiting schools before your blog.

  3. The Ronald McDonald Houses are amazing! Whenever I do stop by a MickyDs I make sure to leave some money in the containers. Very good cause.

  4. Acne face pizza…yum! These meals look worse than what I was served when I attended elementary school in the 90s. =/ You are brave.

    Ronald McDonald is scary.

  5. OMG… NO!! R. McD did not come to my children's schools. I would've been livid. They used to send home free ice cream cone coupons for reading (or maybe it was for good manners)… do you know what it's like to explain to your child that we don't go to McD's so they can't get the ice cream cone!?…thank goodness that "reward" has ended. (YIPPIE!!)

    The thing about the R. McD house is that they most certainly do something good… great in fact…BUT, it's kind of like… ok, it IS something to make us feel good about McD's. We all know McD's sells horrible food (not only for our health but for the health of the environment), but when we see all the good they do with the R. McD houses… we think… "aww… they're not that bad. They help so many people." And somehow we trick ourselves into believing that we should support them….

    I say… how about helping people by overhauling the food that is served–change the "where" (it comes from), "how" (it's grown and prepared), and give the food a "why" (are we eating this… benefits… not just to fill empty stomachs… but to nourish bodies).

    WHOA… tangent!!

  6. Ronald did not visit my children's schools. They are pretty good about keeping out "outside teaching." Junior Achievement and Dare are the only programs in the school that are created and funded by a non school source. Those programs are delivered by parent volunteers. I have done Junior Achievement for the past few years. It is a great program.

  7. I'm a teacher and the only time Ronald has ever come to our school was during the fall fundraiser kickoff assembly! >:(
    I hate school fundraisers anyway, the ones that involve the kids going door to door (even though they are told not to, they still do!) but what is worse is when they use a popular children's character to get the kids all amped up about selling crap in hopes to attend a fun party if they do well. GRRRR

  8. Pardon me for stating the obvious, but as parents we are the ones choosing whether or not our children eat McDonald's foods, are we not? My children have no income, nor do they drive; I control what goes into their bodies at this point. If I don't want them to have McDonalds-they don't-simple as that. McD's can continue to advertise as much as they want for all I care, when it comes right down to it, I am the one responsible for what my child eats, not the media.

  9. When I was in elementary school, Ronald McDonald came to my school and did a presentation on… get this… recycling! And being environmentally friendly in general. Sang a little song about the 3 R's, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

    The irony didn't hit me until years later.

  10. BTW, Mrs Q., you mentioned a few weeks ago that you'd like to know what our local schools have on the menu. I only just noticed ours for the first time tonight (no kids yet). School ends mid-week, but I thought I'd post it anyway for you.

    Monday: Grilled Chicken on Roll or Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

    Tuesday: Cheeseburger on Roll or Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

    Wednesday: Chicken Nuggets with Bread or Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

    Thursday: School ends early, no lunch

    Yeesh. They don't mention anything about vegetables or fruit, and I just pity any vegetarian students. Jelly triggered my gag reflex until just a few months ago (I'm 30) so I would have been forced to eat the lousy food. I'm beginning to be grateful that my school didn't provide lunch.

  11. As a kid I could never stand school food. I always packed my lunches. (My parents wanted to teach me to be self sufficient) My parents always gave me the option to buy lunches but I couldn't stand any of the food… ESPECIALLY the pizza on Fridays. Ew. It always tasted so fake and nasty. I have been reading this blog for awhile and I just don't know how you do it. Oh it just makes my stomach turn thinking about school food.

  12. It seems like the food in US schools repeat a lot, eh? :/ This feels like the millionth time I've seen this; they all look the same…

  13. I stayed in a Ronald McDonald house with a friend while her son (1/3 of triplets!) had surgery to put in a g-tube because of how bad his acid reflux was. They also did the Nissin procedure, which is intense.

    The place was immaculate, there was food there that had been donated (not fast food) but we chose to buy our own. The fee per night was 17 dollars, and we cleaned our own room and got our sheets in the washing machine ourselves. It was simple and worth the extra work so my friend didn't have to spend more than 50 dollars on a hotel for four days. Ronald "himself" was there doing magic tricks and juggling. The kids loved him. I'd say most were too young (sad) to know who he was for real, they just thought he was hysterical.

  14. Great blog, and a thought-provoking post. That seems overly pushy to send Ronald Mc*Donald to schools to encourage kids to read- but then kids are more commercially aware these days…I personally would be horrified. I have to say, occasionally I do like to eat a burger from there. Surely it's about things in moderation? I am an ex-teacher, and the school dinners over in the UK are woeful too, despite Jamie Oliver's attempts to kick things up the backside. Now canteens serve a healthy option so they can say that they are trying, but they smother it in cheese!

  15. I get tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat when I think of Ronald McDonald houses and all the good they have done for my family.

  16. Ronald McDonald Houses offer amazing, very needed services to those going through very tough times. I was shocked to learn, however, that McDonalds Corp. does NOT fund these houses! I knew that the charity depended at least partly on donations, but didn't realize that McDonalds Corp, which clearly benefits from the "goodwill" generated by sharing a name with the Ronald McDonald Houses, does not actually provide any funding (other than local franchises which may chose to donate food, etc.). It really pisses me off that McDonalds, which generates billions a year, leaves Ronald McDonald Houses to collect pop tabs and loose change as their primary source of revenue…

  17. Witkowski Family: As I pointed out in another post, regardless of your personal choices of what to feed or not feed your family, you have no say in the fact that your tax dollars are used to subsidize McDonald's and extend the firm various other privileges, thus giving that corporation unfair advantages in the marketplace. Certainly people are responsible for their choices. But how many of us choose to subsidize McDonald's? Anyone? Bueller?

  18. I finally had the opportunity to watch Two Angry Moms with two mom friends. The 3 of us have politely approached our school district's wellness committee repeatedly about removing polystyrene trays from the cafeterias (to no avail, of course). We are now planning to step up our efforts to address both the trays and the school lunch menu…with a little less politeness. Thank you for your inspiration.

  19. Ronald McDonald visited my school when I was in sixth grade. He taught us about the three 'R's . . Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The only thing that I remember about that visit is how I shouldn't keep the water running while brushing my teeth because I can waste gallons of water by doing so.
    My family never encouraged unhealthy eating habits, very rarely did we go out to eat and even more rare were the nights where we ate fast food. (And if we did we were a BK family.) I don't think that Ronald McDonald is the issue. Parents are a key part in a child's upbringing. I wasn't allowed to drink soda, one snack a day after school was the only 'junk' we could have. If children are educated and brought up to understand what is good, and what is bad then they will be able to make the choice for themselves when they're older. However, (as a new mom) I know that if my daughter wants to go to McDonalds because she saw a commercial on T.V. or something like that, we're not going to just go. (Also my husband despises Mickey D's haha so that will never happen.) It is my decision to make. I have the car keys, and I have the money. If she wants to cry that's fine. Her nice healthy home cooked meal will still be waiting for her once she gets over it.

  20. I had to post b/c I was reading your blog and my son saw this lunch shot. His eyes got really big and I asked what? He said I would eat all of that. He was most excited by the goldfish. He's 6. Now I have to scroll through some other days and see his reaction. LOL

  21. It's sad but this pic actually looks nicer then most. I guess the school realized that kids who only eat school lunch a couple times a week are more likely to eat pizza so they put some of the other stuff kids are more likely to eat with it.

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