Be Q

This summer you are on a mission. A special possibly secret mission. I want you to challenge yourself to do something crazy and different. Get out of your comfort zone and go on a journey. Do whatever you want to do, hopefully in a way that can help others.

Life is too short not to do something wild. Don’t take no for an answer. Go for it!

Be a “Mrs. Q.” Be Q

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17 thoughts on “Be Q

  1. Congrats on making it through the year! You've done SO much in a very short time. I hope you feel as proud of yourself as your fans are of you 😀

  2. Excellent advice!

    Life is too short to sit silently by while millions of children are slowly being poisoned at school with sugar, poor quality oils and other hazardous ingredients.

    Even if you brown bag your kid's lunch, we're counting on you to take a stand for all the other kids who aren't so lucky. All of these kids are our future. It's all connected.

    Push that comfort zone and do something!

  3. Congratulations on making it Mrs Q. The world really does need more people like you. ^^,

  4. Congrats on finishing the year! Now get out there and eat some NON-PROCESSED food. Enjoy Summer. See you next Year!

  5. I might do something crazy like start writing at my own blog again. (You never know, it could happen!) Congratulations on finishing off the school year, and have a wild but restful summer.

  6. First off: congratulations on making it through this semester! I think waht you're doing is very interesting. However, and I don't mean to sound harsh, but it's a bit naive to think that no one in your school administration knows what you're doing. At the very least, the "lunch ladies" know it's you. This blog has been mentioned on several major media sites/networks. And being in the Chicago area, someone is bound to have heard about it. You've also mentioned radio intereviews and it's likely someone recognized your voice. That being said, keep up the good work!

  7. I'm going to a week-long cooking course this summer – this is my wild & crazy dream vacation, first trip in years.

  8. Dear Mrs. Q,

    I have been an avid reader of both your blog and another great blog known as "Do They Have Salsa in China?" I saw that you recently posted a comment (that came across as rather rude and condesending in my opinion) on this blog about a trip M3 and her family took to McDonald's headquarters. You seem to scold her for taking her family on this trip, because you have such strong feelings against fast food.

    But if you actually read what she wrote, you would see that during this trip she is having an opportunity to talk to McDonald's execs and ask them questions, and M3 seems like the type of person to ask some pretty tough questions. She is then going to post both the good and bad about what they discussed, as well as the rest of their visit.

    Someone needs to be able to step up and ask fast food execs tough questions about their industry. If we all sit back and never do anything, then nothing will change. But by taking action, we might actually be able to make a small change in the world around us. You of all people should be able to understand this concept, since you are taking a stand in an effort to change the school lunches of your school and the rest of our country.

    I think that you were to quick to judge M3, because you did not wait until the full review of her trip to hear what she had to say about her experiences. Maybe she feels the same way about fast food as you do and she just wanted to learn more about the industry personally, instead of through third-party research.

    I also think as an ambassador of making food better for children across the country, you should be aware that many children across the country eat this junk everyday and it is important to change not only school lunches, but the fast food industry as well. If this opportunity were presented to you I would encourage you to take it, just so you could sit down with the execs to give them your opinion…you never know, you might be able to change in their mind in some way.

    I am sorry to post this here, I was unsure of where else to put it but I felt that it was important to say. You have become pretty well known in the blogging world, and you should be more careful to leave such harsh comments on other blogs, because you made yourself seem like you think that you are better than M3 because you would never expose your children to such a terrible thing as McDonald's. I think your efforts to make school lunches better are great, but I also think that you should not be making judgements against the choices of others…you may have done a lot of research, but you are not an expert.

  9. Hi Amm15 — I probably should have waited to post a comment, but I was truly shocked when I saw McDonald's featured on her blog. I posted right away because I was dismayed. She has a wide audience of mothers who really look up to her and she is de facto endorsing McDonald's in a very big way. It's more than just going to McDonald's every now and then, which is a personal choice (full disclosure: my child has never eaten there). M3 decided to have them fly her whole family out for a corporate vacation with McDonald's. I mean, yikes!

    In your comment on the post I think you said I might do something like that. Sorry, never gonna happen. I dislike fast food and fast food corporations. Additionally my husband also worked at McDonald's (in college) and he hated it and despises them.

    When you blog you do open yourself up to criticism and I'm sure that M3 has done this long enough to know that participating in a McDonalds retreat would potentially offend some readers. I was not the only one to comment that they were shocked by the post.

    Please email me at fedupwithlunchATgmailDOTcom to continue this discussion. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion.

  10. I thought that Mrs Q sounded quite civil and professional in her comment. Critical? Yes. Rude? No.

  11. Isn't this whole post about going out of your comfort zone? So why wouldn't you give something like what the above commenter was talking about a try?

  12. Yeah, a completely anonymous blog where you fret about being discovered by lunch ladies is crazy wild.

  13. Thank you Mrs.Q for taking your time to do all of this, you have inspired me.:)-PB

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