Day 76: cheese sandwich

Today’s menu: cheese sandwich, tater tots, apple, pretzels, milk

Carbs overload was my first thought, but I learned last week that schools have to offer more than five grains per weeks so that is why the random pretzels and cookies get thrown in.

I’m not a big processed cheese fan, but I ate the sandwich. Actually I ate everything except for the pretzels, which I threw away. In their place I ate a clementine that I brought from home. So yeah for two fruits! I think the apple looks picture perfect.

I’m not even sure how I got into this discussion, but today I was talking about food with a couple students (I think they were discussing something from a book and favorite foods).
I asked the question, “Is pizza healthy?”
Both of the students immediate replied, “No.” They looked at me with wide, serious eyes.
“So pizza is not healthy?”
One student, “Nope.”
The second student, “Well, it’s a little bit healthy.”
These poor kids are so confused! Thanks marketing!
I said, “Pizza is easy to make and can be very healthy.”
Homemade pizza is so delicious. Do you make pizza at home?

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52 thoughts on “Day 76: cheese sandwich

  1. Joseph and I make pizza all the time! We use Myra Goodman's dough recipe from Food to Live By and a well loved pizza stone!


  2. Pizza is one of the big dinner-time favorites around my house. My son – who is now 6 years old – loves to help make it. He's not thrilled with getting the dough on his hands, but he loves to help with the toppings. I take the opportunity to discuss food – its origins, how it cooks, and sometimes even the chemistry behind it – while we "decorate" the pizza.
    In fact, I try to make sure there is always a task for him in every meal I make. He likes taking part, and I get the opportunity to bond and educate.
    His absolute favorite dinner was tonight – salad. I can't get over his JOY at getting salad for dinner. (He also chooses ZERO salad dressing. That's all him. He says it "messes up" the way the salad should taste. Ya gotta love him!)

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