Day 71: salisbury steak

Today’s menu: salisbury steak, bread, corn, apple, milk

I can eat this stuff fast now. I can wipe the butter on the bread without a knife and gobble it down (kids get two slices). I can shovel corn and chomp an apple. The “steak” is not my fave, but I can eat it right up.


Classical piano music was playing in a room. I looked out the window and saw kids running around outside. It was gym class. Seeing kids moving, laughing, jumping, smiling. A glimpse of happiness from a letterbox film. Being in fresh air, feeling the wind in your hair, seeing your friend do something silly. There’s nothing like getting to be a kid, once a week.

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19 thoughts on “Day 71: salisbury steak

  1. We know that music can affect digestion…I wonder if it was in the background based on the few studies that have been done or random? Good to see some movement out of the kids!

  2. GROSS!!!!!! I can't look at that photo!

    Let's have mystery meat slop, soggy starch and bread. The only items worth eating were milk and the apple.

  3. I've shown my wife and our daughter (6th grader) your pix in the past. I just highlighted the pic tonight and asked my wife to guess the meal. She said "meatloaf or salisbury steak?" Nice photography.

    And why do the kids get 2 pieces of bread?

  4. That is quite possibly the most nasty thing I've seen on your blog since the beginning. We had Salisbury Steak (although it was called Country Style Steak) in high school, but it didn't look anything like that!

    I have really enjoyed reading your daily posts. It so interesting to compare the things you are eating to the things I ate (and my sisters continue to eat) in my North Carolina public high school.

  5. Wow that looks highly unappetizing. The corn looks like the kind that comes in a cheap microwavable meal. You know, the kind that nukes the crap out of the corn, zapping it of all it's natural flavor. I'm not going to comment on the meat (if you can call it that)

  6. The corn doesn't look too bad, bread and apple look good. The steak looks less than appetizing. You're as trooper, you can't have that much longer as schools are getting out here very soon!! (I'm about to head to Arizona State University in the fall as a junior for Elem Ed) I'm also 40 and a mother and wife. You give me hope to know that there are possibilities for change in the food/school movement.

  7. I'd only eat the apple. I'd rather go hungry. 😐

    I liked the prose at the bottom. It certainly does highlight one of the good sides of youth.

  8. That looks just disgusting!! The corn looks WAY over-cooked…and who knows what is in that mystery meat!!

    I have to say that I was in elementary school in the late 60's in northern NH…and I remember lunches of two fish sticks, a dab of mashed potatoes and a dessert of jello…ugh…and on other Fridays we would be given creamed tuna over Saltine crackers…looking back on it, it was horrid!!! I can't imagine how much school lunches have gone downhill since then!!!

  9. This was on our menu today. But instead they had macaroni and cheese with diced ham mixed in. One of my kids thought he had lost a tooth and it was a piece of bone! I had a time convincing him it wasn't a tooth! Lunch lady just said, "Yea, came in the commodities!" YUK! Shame what schools feel their kids!

  10. v's right. the prose was pretty, you're becoming a writer.

  11. That looks great! :):::

    I am gonna go get some Swanson TV Dinners just to relive the feeling of getting that lunch!:) We got almost the exact same thing over 35 years ago here in

  12. I have just found your site. I am thrilled you are taking this on and raising awareness of food being served to our youth. I don't believe it is good for them or for the environment. I would love to see schools growing a lot of their own food–here's hoping!

  13. Ever since I was pregnant and after I had my daughter I have become more health conscious about my servings and the food pyramid. While the food looks disgusting it may taste great, plus who knows what the FRL students are eating at home. There is an apple. I would have prefered something green but I do remember when I was in kindergarten the "veggie" was a pack of ketchup.

  14. Hey, no fair Anonymous! Your Banquet Salisbury steak came with POTATOES! That's like… gourmet! :p

    Well Mrs. Q, your school has finally been bested by one of the cheapest frozen dinners on the planet. I certainly hope they spent less on their school lunches than they would have buying 300 TV dinners!

    Actually, I think that TV dinner produced less waste, too, and the tray was fully recyclable… maybe they should just make the switch…
    so sad that it's come to that. :\

  15. I hate it when I eat mystery meat and end up crunching on a fragment of bone. That seemed to happen a lot when I ate the mystery meat at school. Made me wonder what else was in there that wasn't as obvious.

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