Day 66: pasta

Today’s menu: pasta with meat sauce, green beans, breadstick, banana, milk

Delicious! I love pasta and the sauce has a uniquely appealing taste. Mr. Q asked me how it compares to a basic frozen pasta from a microwave meal. I think it’s better than a frozen meal, but Mr. Q finds that hard to believe. I wouldn’t change a thing about the school’s pasta at all. I even got a little giddy when I saw it was being served. And I used the breadstick to mop up the leftover pasta side.

The green beans were soggy and fell apart on the spork. I like a crisp green bean steamed for just a short while. I love a little crunch. Banana(!)

In a few minutes I’m going to be live-tweeting Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (last show of the season — don’t know when it’s returning). I don’t tweet spoilers in case you are watching it delayed. I really like watching the show (no surprise there). Live tweeting is fun because I can interact with people watching it at the same time. Join me on twitter if you are interested.

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13 thoughts on “Day 66: pasta

  1. Do they ever have pasta with marinara or non-meat sauce? Is there an option for vegetarians who still want to be able to eat pasta?

  2. Sadly, this is one of the healthier meals I've seen on this blog so far. Anyway, I notice on your last post you talked about Jamie Oliver. I've been watching his show too and it made me a bit curious about how L.A. stands in comparison to the milks/juices in Washinton. One TINY carton of orange juice like the kind all kids in LAUSD are give has 3 and a half teaspoons of sugar. I put half a teaspoon in ONE cup of coffee and these kids are getting a tiny box of juice with so much sugar in it, no wonder they can't concentrate!

  3. It may look and taste good, but what does the ingredients say? I'd be interested to see how many preservatives are in there instead of wholesome foods?

  4. I'm so glad you identify what's on the tray because a quick glance made me think that breadstick was a twinkie.

    Spaghetti was the one meal that I could never stomach in school. Of course it was probably the meat in the sauce and the 'oil spill' of grease on the tray, just begging to get on your clothes.

  5. I'm sure lucky that I usually bring lunch to school. It's very sad to admit that the children of The United States has a very unhealthy meal everyday in average that practically any other non-starving in general countries.

  6. ok not gonna lie as a vegan in school i DID like the pasta(with marinara), and it wasnt bad, but then, by that time i was just happy to have an option,lol, thanks for posting and taking pictures

  7. that is the most colorful meal you have posted in a while! I am sure it is a favorite of the students! But as a PP said it is a lot of carbs!!

  8. i agree with dirtyduck..i am a vegetarian..and my school did nothing to help me eat!! our pasta came mixed with a meat sauce!..i think i lived on the garlic bread..the kind lunch ladies took pity on me and gave me 4 or 5 slices (2 for everyone else) though i usually had to stay at end of the line so nobody got i had less time to eat.

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