Day 57: pizza

Today’s menu: pizza, carrots, peach fruit cup, milk

If I created a life-sized collage of me using photos of all school lunches I’ve eaten, I think my arms would be made of pizza and carrot sticks would be my fingers. One leg would be beef patties and the other chicken. My shoes would be whole wheat buns! A torso of fruit cups with my head and neck composed of chicken nuggets and cheese sandwiches. Tater tot and hot dog belt, pasta for hair, apples and pears for breasts, miscellaneous veggies for facial features and bananas for earrings. I am what I eat!

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28 thoughts on “Day 57: pizza

  1. …and you could be driving a school bus made out of all the packaging the school lunches were served in: a big cardboard body, clear wrap for windows.

  2. Anonymous said…

    can you blog something useful? Such as suggestions for fixing the problem?

    Dude, read the old entries.

  3. I find it kind of funny that after clicking on comments and scrolling to the bottom of the page I found a google ad for Baconnaise.

  4. I would think that by making all of us aware of this, she is doing something useful. My school has amazing food compared to Mrs. Q's so it has really been eye opening.
    I don't believe she ever claimed to even attempt to fix the problem, just make others aware of the problem. Instead of "nay saying", why not give your own suggestions? I think this is just the beginning of this blog. She is putting it all out on the table and getting enough people interested. How much would she get done by only stating that she didn't like school lunches? By having this blog, she has reputable persons backing her up.
    What is your suggestion, Anonymous?

  5. The pizza looks like plastic wrap has melted on top of it. It looks shiny and that's just not right.

  6. This was what our school lunch was today! plus trail mix.
    It looked better than this, and seeing it was the first school lunch I've had this week, I decided it was fine.

  7. I want to thank you for what you are doing. My daughter is only in half-day Kindergarten but as we are a Title 1 school we have free breakfasts. After one quarter I decided to keep her away from breakfast for 2 weeks and change her diet at home to see if I could get better behaviour from her. It did get better so I continued to keep her from breakfast. She didn't complain as much as I thought she would. Once she had to be there for breakfast for a field trip. I went with to try and help her choose a better option to eat. HA! It was chocolate or reg milk and a fruit pie. You know those gross Hostess pies that have a glaze frosting on top? I picked one up to look at nutrition facts and died. It just reaffirmed my decision to keep her away from the school breakfast. Thanks again.

  8. Not a single bit of greens – the most important food humans can eat!! How sad!!!

    Thank goodness my kids' favorite after school snack is kale chips!!

    My household is vegan, but outside of it, my kids are free to choose whatever they wish to eat. Prior to this year, my kids went to a school that had no lunch service, so I made them fresh, healthy, vegan lunches. This year, at a new school, I have noticed a remarkable difference in their behavior, taste preferences, and overall food cravings. I can't help but directly contribute this to their sudden increased intake of the processed, sugar, refined and animal product laden foods present in their school lunches. It's frightening, but for several reason I won't go in to, I am at the mercy of the reduced cost lunch services at their school. This is the sad state of our country.

  9. That is super funny! You should do that and post it in your cafeteria. Just so you know you are changing lives! After the very first time i read your blog i went straight to the store to buy stuff for my daughters lunch. She hasnt eatten hot lunch since. Its sad that those that qualify for free lunch or discounted lunch are probably eatting this food with out a chance of change. I am so glad you are doing this. My child is at a D.O.D. school and she is eatting the same stuff as you are! Keep it up gal, hopefully at some point change happens across the nation.


  10. hello my name is Jesse.
    i recently graduated from high school.
    i grew up and currently live in west virginia
    at my high school we always had several choices for lunch we always had a pizza line and they served pizza every day the second line was always a hot lunch, hamburger, chicken, fish, something like that, and the third choice was a salad bar that was loaded with veggies and other things egg salad, fruit. whenever i did eat it was always the salad bar. the only con is that you have to pick one or the other now it would have been nice to get a hot lunch along with a salad.
    west virginia along with the rest of the country has a long way to go.
    i actually watched yesterday, on a show called the doctors. they where talking about school lunches and they had a guest that came to west virginia and they said that hunnington west virginia is the most obese place in the country!
    they also went to a elementary school and asked the children about veggies and they had a eggplant and the children though it was a pear. also he showed how some chicken nuggets are made with the bones and the skin and other things and he ground it up and but bread crumbs on it and fried it and the children said they would still eat it because it looked just like a chicken nugget that you would get from a fast food place/at school.

    sorry kind of new to reading blogs and have never posted a comment so not shure how well i did lol.

    thank you for your time.
    and hope you have a nice day.


  11. I've been reading for awhile now and am curious…how do you discreetly take pictures of your lunch every day?

  12. Post after post people complain that everything is brown, now there's orange carrots and bright yellow fruit and people complain there's no green. Lol. Sure it's not the best, but it definitely is an improvement whenever they throw carrots are in the mix.

    And you have to be realistic too, just because it's on the plate doesn't mean kids will eat it. My classmates would of ate the pizza and casually tossed the rest anyway without a thought. Even from home, my mother would made a sandwich, chips, fruit, dessert…I'd eat the desert and throw the rest away. (Sorry mom.)

    I'm 25 and growing up around this stuff, any vegetables that DID get served, went straight into the garbage cans…or thrown to the seagulls. Atleast the seagulls got a healthy lunch. 🙂

    As long as parents aren't around, kids will always reach for the unhealthy stuff, even if it's not given to them. (and it only gets worse once you hit 16, get your driver's license and discover the wonderful world of drive-thrus.) It's sad but true, and if you're going to solve a problem, you have to be realistic. Go watch kids eat lunch, see what they eat, see what they throw away. (Looking at a trashcan after lunch is extremely colorful. Lol)

    But then I became a vegan the year I graduated high school so maybe it's actually a grand plotted scheme to actually make the generation of graduates never eat like this again because 50% of my dormmates are vegan/vegetarian. Testify! Haha.

    Great blog Mrs. Q. 🙂

  13. I work at a high school, I am just starting to read the blog here and the comments. Some hit the nail on the head and some are way off.
    When have we decided that we have no choice? My kids, my choice. If I don't like what one place is serving I make the choice to pack a lunch or go someplace else.
    At the high school in my area most kids eat for free or reduced, the ones who have money and can leave do. Where do they go? Taco Bell, Mcy Ds, Burger King. Trust me they are not running of to the local farmers markets and eating kale.
    In the younger school's the food is not always the #1 best choice, but again its choice. There is much to change in many area's of schools, but the food is something YOU as a parent can change today. That is the great thing about this issue.
    I am going to make a good attempt at posting pictures of the food that is served at our high school, but some of the choices are–BBQ, chicken, hamburger, vegy burger, fruit and the fixing's. The high school serves Rice Bowles, 3 kinds of salad, home made burritoes and always fruit to have. There is a daily special that is sometimes good and sometimes not the best choice.

  14. They really need to start serving salads… Most of the school is too unhealthy and fattening…

  15. PIZZA!! I mainly eat pasta related foods so I would probably be made of giant noodles or something. I'm a vegetarian so cheeses, pasta, pizza, and apples with peanut butter would be me.
    Love how you visualize yourself!

  16. And at the bottom of the page—an advertisement for Papa John's XL4 Topping Pizza! Is the blog telling us that we should all eat Papa John's 4-topping pizza instead? Please, Mrs. Q, rethink the advertising on your blog. It really takes away from the integrity of what you are trying to accomplish here.

  17. Pizza is good, but school lunch people can't make any good pizzas. And the nasty part my school would recook them making them hard and burned which I mind you is quite nasty. UGH…but you get those really rare days the pizza is actually good…

  18. you know this would make a wonderful art project for my class, just to see how the kids would choose their body parts. I think I'll do it, see how it goes, and post on my blog so you can see. 🙂

  19. @Anonymous

    "And at the bottom of the page—an advertisement for Papa John's XL4 Topping Pizza!"

    The advertising is personalized to your Internet viewing habits. LOL – in a way you are telling you to eat Papa John's, not Mrs. Q. or her blog. Mine says Jimmy John's – I guess a sandwhich CAN be healthy, but Jimmy John's is a stretch (though delicious!).

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