Day 41: pizza

Today’s menu: pizza, carrots, applesauce, ranch dressing, milk

Now that I know pizza like this contains 62 ingredients (thanks Ms. A), it tasted less appealing than ever before. You’ve seen this lunch before so there isn’t a whole lot to say…. All I know is that it’s actually quite simple and fun to make pizza at home. It’s very easy. I wish more parents and people in general knew how to cook.

Just a reminder that I skipped posting some lunches this week (I’m eating them still of course) to have content for spring break….which can’t come soon enough!

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56 thoughts on “Day 41: pizza

  1. I remember this greasy sausage pizza from my own school lunch days. We used to lay napkins on the top to soak up the orange-brown grease before we ate it.

  2. I wonder if it's a regional thing. I went to elementary school in Wyoming, and junior high and high school in Colorado. And the lunches were nothing like this! Of course, I graduated more than 10 years ago. But I remember the lunches being freshly prepared, never prepackaged (except for chips and things like that you could get in jr. high and high school), and pretty good for the most part. In fact, there were certain items that I crave to this day! My junior high even had a salad bar! (And these were not schools with a lot of money or anything, by the way.) I'd be interested in finding out what the differences are in different states and regions, and if it's really this bad everywhere, or just certain places.

    Also, I just have to ask. Why do you keep getting the pizza when you know you don't like it? I think it would be cool if you also posted what the other option was, and not just what you chose that day. Just for curiosity's sake.

  3. Um that is supposed to be pizza? In what world. It honestly doesn't look like anything i would want my digestive tract to try and take on. Hell it doesn't even look real. Looks disgusting.

    Was surprised to find out the kids only get 20 minutes for lunch. we used to get an hour. and i even worked in the kitchen. our pizza was the bomb but then that was in the 80s as well.


  4. dude….that pizza looks DISGUSTING!! now don't quote me, since I usually bring bag lunch as a high school sophomore, but that looks like the worst thing i've seen. Sadly, carrots are unappreciated in school, kids laugh when I bring lettuce to school [it tastes good though…]. anyway, good luck on your mission! [by the way, in combating obesity, many schools took out vending machines all together and put in water machines in New York City]

  5. Seems like the pizza maker has plenty of resources to print all sorts of full color images on the outside of the pizza box but I bet they will scream bloody murder if they are told that they have to print the ingredients and RDA data on there as well! There should be a class in grade school that teaches kids how to rread lables and ingredients on foods and exactly what everything is, where it comes from and how it is made.

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