Day 28: hamburger

Today’s menu: hamburger, wheat bun fries, pear, milk
Sorry, I can’t figure out how to rotate that second shot (I’m posting by cell phone). I was happy to eat fruit today! Check out the ingredients in the ketchup.
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16 thoughts on “Day 28: hamburger

  1. Sorry to say, most ketchup is sweetened with HFCS. If I don't make my own, I buy organic b/c it's HFCS free. 🙂

  2. Two thoughts initially went through my head when I saw today's lunch. 1: The ketchup isn't even name brand. 2: Why is the hamburger patty in such a large container?

    The pear looks great though.

  3. dont be fooled by brand names. marketing is a good disguise, but the insides are all the same.

    there is so much brown on this plate, i cant even look at it. you are a brave woman eating this almost everyday.

  4. Flickr has its own photo editing application built in, where you can rotate the image right on their site. (That is where you host the pics, right?)

  5. My wife and I moved to Dublin, Ireland a couple years ago and it's great not to have to actively avoid HFCS. It's just not used much here. HFCS is cheap only because the US govt props up the corn industry. Over here real sugar is cheaper. Even the ketchup is sweetened with sugar.

  6. I still can't over some of these lunches. When I get back to school on Monday I'll start taking pictures of our lunches.

  7. Hi, I'm from the Netherlands, quite far away I realise. And I realise that the lunches aren't the healthiest, but I was wondering if maybe the biggest part of the problem isn't the fact that you have only 20 minutes to eat and relax. Next to eating slowly (which is healthier) you also don't even have time to take a walk or play a game, go outside. So all day you sit and listen/study or sit and eat.
    Over here we don't serve lunch at school, which means that everyone bring a sandwich (which is standard lunch here) from home.
    I want to compliment you on your quest, it's great that you went out and did something, I hope good karma will find it's way back to you.

  8. Yep. Corn, corn and more corn. It is in the ketchup, I bet HFCS is in that chocolate milk in addition to the syrup. Those cows that donated the meat were fattened on corn and as such are passing more of it on to you….and of course that healthy wheat bun has HFCS too. It's a wonder they haven't found a way to inject it into the pear. Or have they?

    Overall, we are a nation that is getting fat and unhealthy on corn.

  9. Eh, that looks like fairly standard ingredients for ketchup. Even good ol' Heinz probably has lots of corn syrup. I don't really mind too much since ketchup isn't meant to be eaten in large quantities anyway. The sad thing is that the hamburger bun probably has HFCS as well, and maybe even the "meat" patty. They literally put that stuff in everything, even things you would expect to have syrup in them.

    And it worries me to think of what ELSE is in that patty.

    Yeah, the only thing good there is the pear. I bet there were a lot of pears in the trash that day.

  10. That's why you americans are sooooo fat. You begin to have large bellies starting from your teen age…

  11. @Jessica van Eijs: You make a good point about the eating time. The nutrition is a huge factor, and that's probably easier to focus on, but… I did learn to eat very quickly in school. Our lunches were better looking (and probably better tasting) than those pictured on this blog, and we had a salad bar option from middle school on, but if we wanted to finish that yummy crispito with cheese before returning to class, we had to be fast about it.

    I still eat too quickly. It's a habit that's stuck with me, and has proven difficult to break. And I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

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