18 thoughts on “Day 27: cheese croissant

  1. Oh ewww… Not only a stale sandwich but broccoli that's been boiled absolutely to death judging by appearance. What good does serving a vegetable do if all the nutrition gets tossed out with the water it's cooked in?

    Generally speaking roasted vegetables look, smell, and taste better as well as hold on to more of their vitamins and minerals without requiring any additional cooking or prep time. Just spread them on a cookie sheet and stick them in a preheated oven for twenty minutes or so, seasoning to taste if desired.

  2. I remember having to eat this in my public school. Yea that stuff is disguisting. NOTHING nutritional comes from it, it never digests right, cuz it's not real food and school food just sucks. School food + convenience store snacks + unhealthly food at home =childhood obesity.

  3. Well again, I'm guessing the garbage cans were stuffed with plastic containers and broccoli today. What a waste of money.

    Kids just aren't going to eat soggy tasteless broccoli. Which means some of those kids will be going for a long period with jello, a slice of cheese (don't know what kind,) and what is probably processed white bread as their only fuel for the day.

    Do they EVER have anything crunchy other than corn chips? Celery w/ peanut butter? Carrot sticks? Apple slices?

  4. I haven't goen back through all the blog posts yet, but it's becoming obvious to me that no actual cooking is done at this school. It looks like everything is delivered pre-packaged and heated in ovens. Disgraceful.

  5. I agree w/ Anonymous @7:57– they need raw crunchy veggies like celery and carrot sticks. How hard would that be? And raw fruit– bananas, fresh apple slices, pre-peeled oranges… Would they claim that stuff is too expensive? It's completely pointless to serve mushy broccoli if none of the kids eat it anyway.

  6. I've eaten cafeteria food at my son's school. I can honestly say that I don't blame him for eating pizza or garlic bread every day. Breakfast and dinner are his only real meals, and breakfast is pushing it, some days (though it's better than this). He dislikes veggies at the best of times, but even I wouldn't eat this.

    I think what you're doing is great. I wish more teachers, from more schools, would do the same. Or students, for that matter – how many of them have cell phones? Put them to good use. 😉 Blog lunch. Raise awareness.

  7. This blog makes me want to go pack a bunch of lunches for kids I don't even know.

    Oh, and great blog. What you're doing is great.

  8. sugary red #40 jello cup, over boiled nutrient-less broccoli, and a dried out croissant with possibly some type of processed cheese. how much do they charge for this?

  9. I am GAGGING. It looks like a hamburger roll disguised as a croissant. Keep it up!!!!

  10. This is sad! It doesn't even look like a whole meal. Who wants to eat a cheese croissant anyways? Ick!

  11. Wow – just wow! I agree with a pp – makes me want to pack some lunches for random children. I am so glad that I am able pack my childs lunch. I would never want her to eat that type of food.

    Great blog by the way – hope that great results come out of it.

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