Three singles

School lunch costs me $3.00 per day. I don’t carry cash.

The cash part of this “experiment” has been pretty challenging. I do carry bills, but they are usually twenties and disappear quickly. Open your wallet. Do you have three singles? Would you be able to acquire single dollar bills for every lunch this week? It’s been oddly difficult for me.

The lunch ladies don’t make change. I have shown up with a $5 and they give me a look like I think they are some kind of shiny ATM. Grudgingly they find the money, but I often have to wait for it.

So since starting this project, I have had to be creative with my money. I’ve borrowed money from my husband (indefinite loan). I’ve stopped at businesses and bought random things just for the change.

One day I stopped at Star*bucks before work and bought a drink. I never do this by the way. I asked the barista, “Can I have change in dollars?” He asked me, “You need it for the tolls?” I stammered with a smile, “Yeah, basically.” I’m sure he knew I was lying, but I didn’t want to get stuck in a long discussion not to mention my concern about my anonymity (there might be other teachers waiting for their cappuccinos).

I mean, what do people need singles for? The only thing I can think of is going to a strip club. Mr. Barista was left wondering what I was up to. I certainly look like an exhausted working mother — not the kind of gal gearing up to go to Chip*n*Dale’s.

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One thought on “Three singles

  1. This is crazy. My school would always make change. Plus there were no toll roads near for like a hundred miles. Chicago….

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