Day 18: chicken patty

Today’s menu: chicken patty, whole wheat bun, fruit jello, beans, milk
I ate it all. The fruit jello was ok too.  Like I’ve said before, the beans were bland. The patty was a patty. Not a bad lunch considering what this week was like.

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13 thoughts on “Day 18: chicken patty

  1. Ok Q I like the photos you are taking because I can click on them and a big image fills my screen. A chicken "patty" or whatever that is looks so nasty. Seriously, why do we have to disguise chicken in something that looks like an oversized chicken nugget that's had a brick dropped on it. And so much packaging! What a waste.

  2. Over and over, I see that the sandwiches are not even prepared…given to the kids in pieces to assemble. This is just so odd!

  3. I am new here but already addicted. I can't even imagine eating school lunch now, but I do love the idea of my old schools lunch.
    I love what you are doing and will be back every day (M th F):D

  4. I think that what you're doing is very admirable. We are so quick to blame the kids, or the other things that are out of our control for the issues we see. Good luck

  5. What's the kids' opinion on the chicken mass? Are there vegetarian (or non-gluten) options available for concerned students?

  6. I have a son who is allergic to both wheat and dairy. Generally, there are no "special" options for him. So, by not "assembling" the sandwiches he can pick out what he can eat.

    Once the bread is on the food, however, he can't eat it. Ditto with the cheese.

  7. Equally good reasons never to let these people get their hands on your kids. The so-called "food" poisons their bodies, while the bad ideas poison their minds.

  8. I'm surprised to hear that meal was good because it looks awful. There is zero colour to it! Glad my kids aren't eating it and kudos to you that you do!!

  9. That looks gross!! Our school lunch on Thursdays consist of chicken nuggets or baked potato, mashed potatoes, corn, roll, and pineapple. Can you say carb coma??

  10. I've just been introduced to your site. Thanks for posting! I'm curious and slightly appalled as to why there is so much packaging being used for each lunch. It's hard for me to imagine that any of it is being recycled.

  11. I've taught for years — and Mrs. Q — let me warn you eating school lunches is what added 30 pounds in less than 2 years to me… but all the schools I've been at had kitchens or food delivered daily from a nearby school with a kitchen — so they were MUCH better than what you are eating (even the prefrozen pizza looks better here)
    Since I've had to go gluten free, i can't eat in the cafeteria any more — mostly a blessing! but boy do I miss the burritos!

  12. hello, i just stumbled across your blog. i volunteer at a school where almost all the kids are on reduced lunches and 90% of them live under the poverty line. i help cook dinner for a bunch of kids on weekdays. there are also some programs in the area that try to send kids home with good food for the weekends. it's so great to read about other people who care about feeding kids good food!

  13. I just graduated from high school in Florida in '05, and let me tell yo I wouldn't even eat the lunches. I'd eat something heavy in the morning and something lite when I got home, so that I didn't have to. We used to have there PB&J sandwiches for the only free thing you could get if you forgot your money t home and didn't qualify for the free lunch, and they used to be frozen on the inside and 3 slices tall. I asked once for a salad and they said it was only for the teachers!

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