Day 17: pizza

Today’s menu: pizza, carrots, milk, ranch dressing, apple

I felt under the weather so I ate half of today’s lunch. I brought some very plain food from home to supplement because of my queasy stomach,

I realized that I can’t post pictures of the menu because it has identifying info on it… hmm


I’ve eaten more pizza in the past few weeks than I’ve ever eaten in my life and I’ve never disliked pizza more. Ironically, when kids see me in the hallway taking my lunch back from the cafeteria, they exclaim, “Pizza! Yes!”

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20 thoughts on “Day 17: pizza

  1. Just found out about your blog, and as a high school teacher, may I commend your bravery, and extend a prayer for your digestive health.

    I cannot eat school lunches anymore, due to dietary restrictions, but I will often get a baked potato or a salad… I can eat those. You couldn't pay me to eat the main meal even if I could. Yikes!

  2. The pizza looks the same as it did when I was in elementary school in the 80s. It probably tastes the same too, but I do remember it being a favorite around the lunch room. Goes to show how horrible the rest of it is.

  3. I'm a high school teacher in a low income school, and I hate to admit that your school lunch looks better than ours.

  4. I am very impressed with your ability and willingness to eat your school's lunches. I am a preschool teacher and we recieve hot lunch from our local school district lunch program. While not a much of our lunches come individually wrapped, we do get odd peach and apricot "fruit" cups (mostly high fructose corn syrup with fruit bits) the lunches have some definate similarities,like cardboard flavored with sauce and cheese that is supposed to resemble pizza. The only redeming factor to our school lunches are the salads that typically come with lunch. While they tend to be mostly lettuce with maybe a piece or two of carrot, they are at least locally grown. It really saddens me that this is the state of lunch. How can we expect our children to learn when they are full of pre-packaged foods that contain more chemicals then actually nutrution. Keep up your good deed of spreading the word, and I hope your digestive tract is up to the challenge!

  5. I mostly brought lunch from home when I was in school, but I remember pizza being the only school lunch meal I was interested in. Funny it's still the same!

  6. i just got directed to this blog from heateatreview and its love at first site (pun intended ha.) i usually don't even comment on blogs but i just have to say something on this one. its such a good idea! im a freshman nutriton major in college so these kinds of websites really interest me. i hope our schools can start to implement better, healthier food for children. this blog is a push in the right direction!!! you go mrs q!

  7. I have to say, I always loved pizza days at school, but then again even now at 25 I could eat pizza everyday 🙂

    I love this blog! It's shocking though to see that this is what kids eat now days for lunch at school. It looks really processed and that it's more of a microwave lunch vs. actually having lunch personelle that actually *cooks* the food. My mom is a cook at a school and I can tell you, it's nothing like your pictures. Maybe it's just from different areas? We're here in MN.

  8. we had no cafeteria or hot lunches when I was in elementary school ( yes, I had cavemen for classmates!) so it was a packed lunch everyday. But I remember hating to visit my kids' school around lunchtime just because of the smell. Tho' they thought it was great!
    By the way… now when I visit my grand daughter's school at lunchtime , the smell is just the same even though the schools are 800 miles apart. I eat at her school on Grandparents' Day… but not from choice!

  9. I am an elementary teacher in CA and your lunches look like ours—mostly disgusting. Our menus rotate so often, I think there are only 7 different things on the menu. The cafeteria is supposed to be offereing salads and baked potatoes once a week to the teachers. We shall see. It's no wonder our students think a big bag of flaming hot Cheetos is a good snack! It come wrapped in cellophane just like the components of their lunch!

  10. At my school, there is the government school lunch pizza & Papa John's. Papa John's is available everyday at my school @$1.75 per slice! The school pizza shows up in our lunchroom as a choice about twice a week–one of those days being Friday (Friday pizza—-that has been a tradition in Hillsborough Co. FL schools for over 25 years):@$

  11. I can't imagine that your anonymity will last for long as this site gets popular – and I'm sure that someone will figure out the school from the detailed pictures every day. I don't want to discourage you – I think that what you are doing is great – but be prepared. And I am still shaking my head over the lump of sugar that was labeled as a PB&J. Yuck.

  12. I posted this blog on my Facebook page—deserves all the exposure we can get for you.

  13. Finally some "real" veggies! And a piece of fruit on the same day!! It's nice to know that not everything is processed.

  14. Just went to a high end private shcool tour. Asked the principal about the food options. He said that they offered food from a variety of vendors and it's difficult to get the organic & natural vendors enough business to keep them on the plan! The children & parents don't choose it.
    I wish I didn't feel so alone in my commitment as a parent to providing my children with a healthy food base – and I could do so much better too!

  15. this is actually a nutrious lunch. Fresh veggie, and fruit. Low sodium, low fat pizza, that is why we all think it looks gross, but it is healthier than what we order at home.
    the anonymous lunch lady

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  17. wow. just discovered your blog. my eight year old, already is protesting school lunches. refuses to eat them.

    here's my question on this one. how are you supposed to get the ranch on the carrots, squirt a little bit on each one?

  18. Its pretty ironic that they serve ranch dressing and carrots on the days they serve pizza. Make me wonder how many students eat the ranch dressing on their pizza instead of with the carrots as I am sure it is intended and then throw the carrots away.

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