Day 1: spaghetti with meat sauce

Today’s lunch: Spaghetti with meat sauce, green beans, a breadstick, chocolate milk, and a blue-raspberry icee thing.

As far as school lunches go, this one is pretty good. The meat sauce over penne was passable and the green beans were ok too. I ate all of main stuff, but I only took one bite of the breadstick, which was too chewy yet semi-hard, and the blue raspberry thingy….I took one suck and knew it was not for me. Of course I drank all the chocolate milk.

School lunch at my school/workplace always comes in these strange little packages. I have to say that it is very hard to open them. I have to stab them with the spork multiple times. The only reason I mention that is that if you have fine motor issues, it would take you awhile to get everything open. The kids get 20 minutes to eat including getting through line and clean up.

The school feeds many hundreds of students. There are multiple lunch periods. The lunch ladies are friendly and hard-working. It’s a very busy cafeteria.

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