Celery Love

I chopped up some celery to make myself a throwback snack “Bumps on a log” (celery with peanut butter in the groove and raisins “ants” lined up on top). I chopped off the end of the celery and here was a green rose.

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8 thoughts on “Celery Love

  1. i'm a school teacher in trenton, nj (urban) and i love reading your blog. my kids get exactly the same food. and it scares me because it might be their only meal of the day. i am not down for eating it for a whole year (especially since i'm trying to lose weight and eat clean myself), but i AM trying to make the kids aware of what they put in their bodies. i am thinking about starting up some kind of initiative where students consciously try and bring in healthy snacks for 2 months or something like that and we'll see how it sticks. i teach spanish and i just bought zumba dvds to do with the kids!! check out my blog: senoritagordita.wordpress.com (i'm just getting started).

    happy sunday!

  2. That celery rose also makes a neat vegetable stamp. way better than having to carve a potato.

  3. My mom used to let us stamp shirts with the celery rose. I've enjoyed reading your blog daily. When I was a child we had good school lunches (at a small Iowa school district), much more balanced. It wasn't until I was sitting in hs classrooms (low socio-economic schools) observing during college that I saw others weren't as lucky as I was to have a balanced school lunch. These students were eating a la carte at lunch with most eating fried food and pizza every day. I am glad you are speaking out.

  4. I love what you are doing! I think it is so brave. I am interested to see where this takes you.

  5. Your doing a great job. With all the programs and websites promoting healthier school lunches you'd think the movement was strong. Not so. I feel your pain.

  6. Oh i can't wait to read thru your site….i don't have time right now as i just clicked thru on a link.

    Do you know about the school that changed it's whole lunch program and started making wholesome meals on site?

  7. We use to call the celery, peanut butter, raisins "ants on a log" my mom worked for head start, I think it was a way to get the kids to think it was a fun snack.

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