Ad free for now

Thank you for all who voted in the poll. Eighty-one percent of you believe I should put ads on the blog. I’m going to wait and see. Reasons are:

1) Ads don’t jive with the purpose of the blog

I’ve started this “guerilla” undercover lunch project… and then you guys, my readers, get some weird off-beat Goo*gle ads, which most likely will have nothing to do with what I’m doing here.

2) Donations and transparency

I love the idea of making a donation to a farm-to-school initiative and I may just do that on my own time. But if I set up ads, how do I do that? with my real name? and SSN#? And then I’m assuming I get the ad check directly, which then I have to deposit and then turn around and donate. Basically, I can’t make it go from blog to organization unless I put a donate button. I haven’t done enough research into specific organizations and I don’t want it to look like I’m endorsing some over others. So now is not the right time.

3) Lack of time

I don’t have very much time what with working, family life, and running our home. If running ads even adds just 10 minutes per day of extra work, I honestly don’t have that time. I’m already going to bed way later than usual because of the project. I just can’t do any more than I’m already doing. I can barely find time to read all of your excellent comments!


I was thinking that if I decide to go with ads, I could donate the ad revenue to my school when/if I get found out. I think I’m going to get “busted” one day and I’m unsure of what ramifications there would be. But if I could off-set the bad press with a little ad revenue for my school, that could be a nice way to smooth things over.

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12 thoughts on “Ad free for now

  1. Thanks for all your hard work! Ultimately it is your blog and your rules.

    As a fellow teacher, I understand the lack of time issue. One thing to be careful in reagards to your school and the blog… be sure everything you do for the blog is on "your time" which is basically your lunch time and after contract hours. Do not use the school computers for posting and or reading of your blog. We were cautioned by our union that even personal emails such as "pick up milk on your way home" could come back to haunt teachers.

  2. Yes, I do all blog stuff when I'm not at work. Honestly though I have so much to do at work, I rarely think about anything aside from what I'm doing at that exact minute.

  3. Please just don't ask our opinion and then ignore it. That seems like a waste of time. But your project is fascinating and the fact that it is getting great response means that it is resonating with alot of people. A cup of yoghurt, a bowl of vegetable soup, a decent PB&J would seem like economical and reasonable substitutions.

  4. Mrs. Q, I'm a huge fan of yours, and I think you're right on to take into careful consideration how you would monetize your project. This isn't to say that ads are always bad- but especially with a project like yours, it's best to take measured, slow steps to avoid misconstrued intentions. You started with a desire to journal school food. An ad from Google for Kellogg's Count Chocula cereal (unlikely- and yet still plausible) would be a poor accidental appearance next to a possible post about processed cereal products.

  5. When you do something for the greater good, such as documenting and photographing school food, trust that good will come back.
    Stay clean! Don't take money from ''healthy" food companies or google ads.
    What goes around comes around.
    I agree with what the fellow teacher posted. Make sure you're doing this on your own time so that it can't be construed any other way.

  6. Mrs. Q – good choice!

    @Linda – we all ask opions from time to time, and get all kinds of feedback, which we process in many different ways to make our own personal decisions. I'm sure everyone's opinion was valuable in Mrs. Q's decision not to advertise. I think it is very self-centered and rude to make a flat, snotty comment like you did. Chill out, or go find your own blog and issues to rant about.

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  9. Mrs Q,
    great project, I am so excited that you are raising awareness! The Physicians Committee on Responsible Medicine has great resources. After you are finished possibly encourage the board to use your school for a location of farm to school program and partner with a local university with a nutrition/dietetics program. Dietetic interns could provide help with the program at a low cost to the school!

  10. Whether or not you go with ads, a book would be a great idea, followed by personal appearances, talk shows – you will NOT be unemployed.

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