{Photo Challenge} Day 19: Something delicious

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Tonight I made sloppy joes for dinner (here’s the recipe I use — so easy). I knew that I would not be able to get a good shot of that. C’mon, you know what it could look like.

So I’m sending a shot of the clutter baby food prep area by the sink. This is where the magic happens. It ain’t pretty, but it does feed someone special the good stuff. I pump at work and so our home-based caregiver bottle feeds Daniel while I’m away. Daniel has started to eat solid food and even though it was fun at first, I’m reminded that it is work. It’s another to-do item on my list, which is long some days.

Daniel is taking a couple bottles while I’m gone and eating rice cereal and veggies every day. He nurses when I’m home, which is nice and convenient at least. I’m already looking forward to the next milestone: when Daniel can eat what I serve at dinner. If you remember, it was during that transition with Charlie that I started examining what we were eating and thinking about what my students were eating…and before I knew it I was eating school lunch every day…the rest is history. Maybe I’ll have some more real food/blogging epiphanies over the next year…


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