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Guest blog: School lunches from @100daysofrealfood

I met Lisa Leake at BlogHer Food and I was intrigued by her blog 100 Days of Real Food. She expressed interest in writing a guest blog post and I thought it would be a great fit. Read on… At the beginning of last year our eating habits were just like those of any other […]

Obesity Action Coalition

I subscribe to Former Fat Dudes! whose blog post from this weekend mentioned the Obesity Action Coalition. Considering the dust up that happened on the blog last week and my interest in obesity in general, I decided to become a member. Since I’ve chatted with Rob on Twitter and read his blog, I value his opinion about the Obesity Action […]

Lunch Wrap Up: Week of May 30th

This week First Lady Michelle Obama launched Let’s Move! Child Care (covered in the Washington Post). I’m excited about the focus on early nutrition in a place where many kids spend most of their day, including my son. The First Lady and I are doing the two-step — I started in eating school lunch every […]

Dysfunctional relationship with food?

Did you know that 1 in 5 people in the United States suffer from a dysfunctional relationship with food? In fact, you might have a dysfunctional relationship with food right this very second! Read on… Have you ever eaten a whole tub of frosting in one sitting? Do you like ranch dressing on pizza? Have you ever […]

Teachers eating the students’ breakfasts

My official blog consultant is my sister. She read the post I wrote earlier in the week and told me she cringed. Then she said, “You can’t say things like that. It’s not PC.” I have removed the post. I’m sorry if some of you were offended by what I said in Tuesday’s post about […]

Breakfast in the classroom: example eight

Frosted Chocolate Mini-Wheats, juice, string cheese, milk Chocolate mini-wheats for breakfast? Really? Parents need to know this kinda thing. That’s why I started the school lunch project last year: I wanted an anonymous public record of the school lunches in my school. Through this blog I was able to give people a view of school […]

Inspiration Monday

When I’m online, I’m searching for something. Most of the time, it’s a search for inspiration. So I’m changing up Monday’s content. I plan on sharing my favorite food news items or quotes I enjoy, but only ones that make me feel ok about humanity. I’ll save any negative news worth blogging about for other days. *** […]

Giveaway winner!

I’m excited to report I picked a winner from last week’s giveaway. Sixty-four people commented (wow!) and picked: Number #26! Melissa V wrote: My favorite food memory would have to with my Great Grandmother. Every time we would go visit my Sister and I would run to the kitchen and start making oatmeal raisin […]

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