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Day 110: rib-b-que

Today’s menu: Rib-b-que (I think), tater tots, pears, two slices bread I ate. I was hungry. Believe it or not, I was too busy to even glance at the menu today to see what today’s meal was “called.” When I’m at work eating lunch is really a side note. I am so busy. But I […]

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Day 99: cheese sandwich

Today’s menu: Cheese sandwich, tater tots, pretzels, nectarine, milk I don’t like processed cheese so I couldn’t finish the sandwich. I left the middle, which was thick with cheesy goop. And I didn’t feel like pretzels so I didn’t eat them. I put them aside for a snack, but they just sat there all day. […]

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Day 96: bagel dog

Today’s menu: bagel dog, tater tots, peach(!), cookie, milk The lunch that started it all…the bagel dog meal that I ate last Fall was what got me thinking… The bagel dog that launched a thousand school lunch photos… A commenter wanted to see some of the trash so I took some extra shots. I’ll try […]

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Day 82: popcorn chicken

Today’s menu: popcorn chicken, tater tots, bread, banana, milk The words “popcorn chicken” should never be written together. When is chicken like popcorn? It’s unnatural. Anyway so they tasted salty. I slathered everyone of them with bbq sauce and the tater tots got smeared with ketchup too. I then got out my own stash of […]

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Day 76: cheese sandwich

Today’s menu: cheese sandwich, tater tots, apple, pretzels, milk Carbs overload was my first thought, but I learned last week that schools have to offer more than five grains per weeks so that is why the random pretzels and cookies get thrown in. I’m not a big processed cheese fan, but I ate the sandwich. […]

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Day 74: chili

Today’s menu: chili, nacho cheese (?!), tortilla chips, tater tots, apple (!), cookie (?), milk The dearest, sweetest lunch lady offered me a choice today and so I took the alternative. Like I’ve said before, when I get a meal choice I usually take second option so that I can experience all of the meals […]

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Day 68: hamburger

Today’s menu: hamburger, whole wheat buns, fruit bar, and tater tots I left the lunchroom with my tray and a little girl caught a glimpse of the red packaging of the fruit icee and screamed with delight,“ice cream!” I’m not going to comment on the lunch as I have eaten this same kind of thing […]

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Day 60: popcorn chicken (and a milestone)

Today’s menu: popcorn chicken, tater tots, apple, bread, butter, milk (offered to students, but I don’t take it so it’s not pictured) I made it to day 60. Let’s pause because I think that’s a milestone. The average American school has 180 instructional days per year — I’m one-third of the way. I’m a teeny […]

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