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A-B-C Frittata — The Whole Family Cookbook Giveaway

I met Michelle Stern at BlogHer Food last October and we hit it off. I especially enjoyed chatting school lunch reform. She was on the White House lawn to be part of the launch of Chefs Move to Schools. Michelle worked to get salad bars in her districts’ schools, she volunteers in the cafeteria, and has […]

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Product review: EasyLunchboxes.com

When I was making the transition from school lunch to packed lunch, I decided to sample the wide range of options for lunch packing gear. I never had anything fancy before the project, but after a year of school lunch, I wanted to treat myself. Easylunchboxes.com looked like a great option. If you are keeping up […]

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Review: Chop Chop Magazine

ChopChop magazine reached out to me and asked me if I had heard about their cooking magazine for kids. I hadn’t, but I was anxious to learn more. They sent me an issue and copies to hand out to my students. I liked reading magazines as a kid. Highlights was my favorite, but my parents couldn’t afford […]

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Review: No Whine With Dinner

Liz Weiss from Meal Makeover Moms contacted me a long time about her book No Whine with Dinner, which she co-wrote with Janice Newell Bissex. They are moms and registered dieticians who get it. The book came about after they surveyed “600 moms who identified ‘picky eaters who whine and complain’ as the number one […]

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Product Review: KOKO Lunch

You had me at hello… I stumbled upon KOKO Lunch bags and I almost fell out of my chair. Such a simple concept: a stylish, eco-friendly lunch purse. This style is called “Megan.” At first glance, maybe it’s simply a cute handbag…but with red silverware?     That’s what’s inside — it’s insulated!  It can fit a lot of […]

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I’m working on a couple product review posts for February. I solicited products to review in December when I started worrying about having enough content in 2011. I have figured out that there is still plenty to blog about even though I’m not eating school lunch. In general, I’m keeping reviews to a minimum on […]

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Review: snackTAXI

Oooh! I’ve been on the prowl for creative lunch accessories to help me re-learn how to pack. When I saw snackTAXI, I thought they looked really interesting so I emailed them and asked if I could do a product review. They said sure! Ahhh! snackTAXI sent the cutest package of both a snack-size snackTAXI (Dimensions: 6″ […]

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Review — Nourish: food + community

Back in November, when I was knee-deep in school lunches, I heard about the Nourish curriculum. I thought it looked interesting. Nourish contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing the Nourish curriculum and watching the film, which aired on PBS in November. I happily agreed.   Things got really busy for […]

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