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Domino’s Smart Slice

Domino’s has launched their new “Smart Slice,” which is a “reformulated” pizza recipe to fit the new USDA’s regulations for school lunch. It’s “51% white whole-wheat flour” and the pizza has “35% less sodium in the traditional sauce.” Where’s my party hat? The story broke in January and many of you sent me links, which […]

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Day 162: pizza and this one is dedicated to the lunch ladies

Today’s menu: pizza, salad, fruit cup The last lunch. I never thought I’d make it this far. I was convinced even to the very last lunch that I would get found out. How is is possible that no one discovered me? I’m searching for an answer. Months and months ago, back in March, I chatted […]

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Day 155: pizza and Eat Along Challenge (#3)

Today’s lunch: pizza, carrots, popcorn chips, fruit cup (see below — it didn’t get in the first shot) I’m, like, so sick of pizza, dude. But I ate it anyway (SEVEN MORE LUNCHES TO GO). It tasted ok. I’m trying to think positive now. I’m mostly successful. Today I felt a lot of joy. I’m […]

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Day 152: pizza and an A+ for effort!

Today’s menu: pizza, salad, grapes My feelings towards school lunch pizza (which reportedly contains 62 ingredients) can be summed up in three words: LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP First, I hated it. Then I started liking the flavor. Now, I can’t stand it. Similar to how I felt about a boy named Mike in eighth grade. Mike was mean to me […]

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Day 144: pizza, my (Droid) phone, and call your rep!

Today’s menu: cheese pizza, fresh carrots, apple I walked in the hallway towards the cafeteria and noticed that characteristic smell: it was pizza day! I was starving so I didn’t much care what I ate. Breakfast was a distant memory…in fact I wasn’t sure I even had more than a few bites of my son’s scrambled eggs. At home […]

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Day 136: pizza and the janitor

Today’s lunch: pepperoni pizza, frozen fruit cup, carrots Another styrofoam tray to truck home. Today I brought my stack into the house. Yes, up until today I had them sitting in my classroom stacked up by my desk. Earlier this year when I had styrofoam trays, I brought them home to use under my husband’s […]

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Day 128: pizza and produce flash mobs

Today’s menu: pizza, salad, popcorn chips, apple. Yeah for salad and a real apple (love that the apple had a longer stem — evidence of the tree!)…. Also notice that the popcorn chips are clearly marked “gluten free.” Great information on ingredients for me! Confession: I didn’t eat the pizza. For the first time since January, I […]

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Day 124: Pizza and National School Lunch Week

Today’s menu: pizza, banana, carrots School pizza…again…not my favorite. I had been avoiding large quantities of wheat, but with pizza there’s no way around it. I ate the whole thing! I felt pretty good for about three hours and I thought to myself, “My anti-wheat ideas must be wrong because I’m doing fine.” Then about […]

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