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Day 157: popcorn chicken and Eat Along Challenge (#5)

Today’s menu: popcorn chicken, peas/carrots, orange, bread (kids get two slices) Popcorn chicken. Hmm. I still don’t get how it’s like popcorn (one of my favorite foods of all time by the way). In fact, I’m insulted on behalf of popcorn. Squirts of chicken foam covered in breading and…baked? fried? I guess I’ll never know. It’s a […]

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Day 138: popcorn chicken and lunch lady conversations

Today’s menu: popcorn chicken, peas/carrots, bread (kids took two slices), pear I have to admit I was a little crestfallen to see the popcorn chicken. Like I’ve said before I try not to look at the menu to keep it a surprise as well as to approximate the experience of non-reading students, but they are […]

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Day 126: taco meat and a lunch lady’s new adventure!

Today’s menu: taco meat, tortilla chips, fruit cup (pears), peas and carrots So this lunch *could* be practically gluten-free. I don’t have access to the ingredients, but if it’s just taco meat without fillers or “natural flavors” (which might contain gluten), the chips are 100% corn, the fruit cup doesn’t have wheat, and neither do the […]

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Day 106: pasta

Today’s menu: pasta with meat sauce, peas and carrots, apple, goldfish crackers (milk not pictured – lactose -intolerant) So the pasta wasn’t terrible (I have always said that I enjoy pasta). Taste is not the best judge of quality sometimes (do you agree with that statement?). I just wonder, “What am I eating?” If you […]

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Day 102: chicken parm – back in the saddle again!

Today’s menu: chicken parmesan, garlic bread, peas/carrots blend, (red) applesauce, (milk – not pictured as I’m lactose-intolerant for those new to the blog) Today I guess I’m like Gene Autry strumming a guitar singing “Back in the saddle again.” He’s got a horse and I’ve got a spork! The garlic bread and the peas/carrots were fine. […]

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Day 89: pasta

Today’s menu: pasta with meat sauce, peas, breadstick, fruit jello I know that many schools are done or almost done. Just so you know, I still have a couple more weeks. When I’m done with the school year, I’m going to need a stiff drink. Who wants to take me out for a shot or […]

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Day 59: meatball sub

Today’s menu: meatballs in sauce, whole wheat bun, peas, peach/pineapple fruit cup, milk (not pictured since I don’t drink it) I haven’t had this one for a relatively long time! The sandwich wasn’t bad. I could have done without the fruit cup. I still believe that every lunch should get a piece of fresh fruit […]

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Day 45: chicken patty

Today’s menu: chicken patty, peas, banana, garlic bread, milkDefinitely edible! The peas, banana, and even the garlic bread were good! Yum. The chicken patty was called “Chicken Parmesan” on the menu. I guess that’s why the sauce was there. I’m assuming parm was sprinkled on the patty or it was an ingredient in the breading. […]

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