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Guest blog: School lunches from @100daysofrealfood

I met Lisa Leake at BlogHer Food and I was intrigued by her blog 100 Days of Real Food. She expressed interest in writing a guest blog post and I thought it would be a great fit. Read on… At the beginning of last year our eating habits were just like those of any other […]

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Mom Congress Recap

I had the honor and privilege to be a part of a terrific panel about school lunch and student health at Mom Congress back in April. I didn’t write a recap post right away, because it was too hard to put everything into words. It felt like a dream to be able to meet terrific […]

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Guest blogger: Stop Calling Kids "Picky Eaters"

courtesy: thenewwellness.com Guest post by Christina Le Beau who blogs about food literacy and sustainability at Spoonfed: Raising kids to think about the food they eat. Spend even a few minutes online and you’ll find blogs devoted to sneaky vegetables, artful bento boxes and countless other tricks to make kids eat spinach. Turn on the […]

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Guest blogger: It starts so young…

For 15 years, I worked as a teacher and center director at two of the largest child care providers in the United States. Although you might think that the nutrition in child care and preschool centers is much better, you are not correct. Early childhood is the time of rapid development, discovery of the world […]

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Guest blog: The Yummy Mummy

Kim Foster is the author of The Yummy Mummy, (http://www.theyummymummy.blogspot.com/) a humor blog about cooking and eating with young kids. She is a writer, ghostwriter of several books, and currently finishing up a book proposal about her year of cooking with 20 four year olds in an East Harlem public school. She’ll be back in […]

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Guest blogger: Canadian PTA lunches

I am a parent of grade 3 and grade 5 children in a small city in Southwest Ontario.  At our school, there is no cafeteria, and children bring their own lunches from home.  Just like many other public schools, the parent council provides a lunch which is used as a fundraiser to help pay for […]

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Guest blogger: Denver area school lunch experience

I ended up volunteering at an elementary school on a day almost two weeks ago, and while I was there, I decided to eat lunch just to see what was available to kids in the Denver metro area, as opposed to wherever Mrs. Q is located. I love that I probably wouldn’t have thought of eating […]

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Guest Blogger: Cool Step-Mom with Veggies at School

First off I want to be known that I am not a blogger or a professional one at that. When I asked Mrs. Q if I could be a GUEST blogger I warned her that it might be misspelled or have horrible grammar but that I NEEDED to share my story! I am a mother […]

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