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Day 147: hot dog

Today’s menu: hot dog, whole wheat buns, orange, fresh carrots The glare on the hot dog package makes the hot dog look like it’s got some kind of magical powers. I assure you it did not. I ate it though and I ate the carrots too. There just isn’t enough time to peel an orange. I’ve said it from […]

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Day 146: pasta and salad bars

Today’s menu: pasta with meat sauce, salad, orange, bread (tampon) stick Here, here for pasta! It was the first meal I ate way back at the start of this here wacky experiment and here I am still eating some of it. I’m liking this strikeout feature all of a sudden…. I remain a committed fan […]

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Day 129: hot dog and the original mission of the blog

Today’s menu: hot dog, fries, orange, buns I ate the lunch. That’s the whole point of the blog and why you’re reading, right? It needed a lot of ketchup Thank you for the feedback. Message received: I will keep the gluten-free stuff to myself. I have to remind myself that just two weeks ago I […]

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Day 123: chicken rice bowl and conference attendance

Today’s menu: chicken and rice bowl (“sweet and sour chicken” was the label it was given on the menu), broccoli, orange, breadstick Wow, another new menu item. I was pretty excited about it, but I passed another teacher as I was walking with my food to my room as she was walking to the cafeteria. […]

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Day 117: ravioli (and a sigh of relief)

Today’s menu: cheese ravioli, carrots, bread (I got only one slice today), orange I was offered “popcorn chicken” or “cheese ravioli” and so I chose the latter in the spirit of trying something new. Poor things only won the “runner up” prize to a processed chicken product….that was my first “red flag.” Those ravioli look as tired […]

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Day 112: pizza

Today’s menu: cheese pizza, salad, orange, popcorn chips. I’m so excited about the return of salad! I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth and wish for more veggies (like you guys commented on last week Friday). Anyway, I was happy again. I just couldn’t eat the whole pizza today, but I ate […]

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Day 108: pizza… and salad (!)

Today’s menu: pizza, orange, salad (!!) Do you see what I see? Yes, it’s salad. I need a moment. I saw kids taking the salad in the lunch line. In fact, one of the lunch ladies asked a bunch of kindergartners, “Do you want salad?” and most said, “yes” (out of six kids, one said no). Since […]

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Day 103: quesadilla

Today’s menu: quesadilla, orange, baked beans, oatmeal cookie I was given a choice of cheese sandwich (whole wheat bread!) or quesadilla. I decided on the quesadilla because I had never eaten one before. I think it was a good move. The cheese didn’t seem to be as processed as the stuff in the cheese sandwiches […]

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