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Open thread: Simple sustenance

The citizens of Japan are on my mind today. If you want to donate to disaster relief efforts through the Red Cross, visit Redcross.org to learn how. Or you can text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to donate $10, which will be added to your cell phone bill. Also this article in Time magazine details other organizations working to […]

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Open thread: the teacher who blogged and got fired

I read an article about a teacher who blogged about her students in very unflattering way to say the least and has been put on leave (Teacher suspended for bashing students on blog, defends herself for vicious jokes she calls ‘casual’). I have had a family member contact me about that story as well as a reader. […]

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Open thread: Your favorite lunch is…

I have to tell you that although I find packing to be a hassle, I absolutely love to eat my own lunch. I treasure it. I feel special when I open up my lunch box and find something I packed for myself. Rediscovering lunch has been wonderful. Friday was pizza day and in the teacher’s […]

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Open thread: Binging on Girl Scout Cookies

My name is Mrs. Q. I am a cookie-aholic. I come from two parents who can’t say no to cookies. My dad puts back lots of unhealthy foods like donuts, cookies, and tons of bread. My mom can eat a whole sleeve of Thin Mints in a night. Last year, cookies were my drug of […]

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Open thread: Vitamins

I just found out that I’m Vitamin D deficient and now I’m reading up about it. Tell me what you know about vitamins and do you take a multi-vitamin? What is the best brand with the fewest additives? Which vitamins do you recommend that I should be taking? What about my son?

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Open thread: Happy New Year!

What do you want to accomplish next year (and would be willing to share in a public place)? I couldn’t have planned for this past year and so I’ve decided, after writing yesterday’s anal super-organized freak person blog post, that I need to relax a little and just let 2011 happen. Here is what I want to […]

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Open thread: Santa snacks and other holiday food

From Working Mother Nov/Dec 2010 I hope you are having a terrific holiday with your family and loved ones. I’m excited to have all my favorite people in one room. This happens only once a year, if we’re lucky, and my son is so happy being the center of it all. What special foods are you eating […]

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Open thread: Bedtime snacks

I’ve been on a popcorn binge. I’ve always been a big fan of popcorn ever since I was a little girl and I would eat it whenever I watched tennis with my grandmother. We would sit on her fuzzy brown couch in the den and watch Navratilova or McEnroe. This week while writing the posts and […]

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