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Open thread: Halloween

I think it was Chris Rock who said that Halloween is the one holiday that you can’t fake if you are a poor kid. A kid can lie their way through the other holidays (“I got a transformer for Christmas — it’s at home!”) but a child can’t really fake a costume. At my school there is a […]

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Day 133: cheeseburger with a side of twitter

Today’s menu: cheeseburger, whole wheat buns (not pictured), banana, baked beans, cookie There’s today’s lunch. I grabbed the cookie not the buns. I ate the patty, the beans, and the banana: My trash I chatted with the kids about this lunch and I got the usual “tell-her-what-she-wants-to-hear” spiel (that’s one of the reasons why I […]

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Day 132: chicken nuggets and school lunch news

Today’s menu: chicken nuggets, grapes, greens and cornbread I ended up eating quite a few of the greens, more than I ever had eaten before. Eh, they don’t get better by eating more and still haven’t grown on me. I didn’t get a chance to photograph my trash today because I was called away from […]

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Day 131: meatloaf and the moon

Today’s menu: meatloaf, bread (kids got two slices), fruit cup, potato wedges Welcome to the far side of the moon, where for two days in a row the kids have eaten weirdly overly processed meat products splashed with a red sauce and then torched. I think it has to be similar to experiencing a day on the […]

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Day 130: chicken parm, white bread, and PACK

Any guesses? Chicken parm! Today’s menu: Chicken parm, carrots, breadstick, applesauce. What happened to that chicken? It was hardly appetizing when I looked at it through the film. Then I opened peeled off the plastic and just shrugged. I shudder to think how many main entrees went right into the trash. Unfortunately I can’t be […]

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Day 129: hot dog and the original mission of the blog

Today’s menu: hot dog, fries, orange, buns I ate the lunch. That’s the whole point of the blog and why you’re reading, right? It needed a lot of ketchup Thank you for the feedback. Message received: I will keep the gluten-free stuff to myself. I have to remind myself that just two weeks ago I […]

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Day 127: chicken patty, styrofoam postcards, and Waldorf Schools

Today’s menu: chicken patty, raw broccoli, peach fruit cup, buns Looky here, we’ve got raw broccoli! I opened up the package and just poured it into my mouth. In chatting with a random sample of three kids, two of the three told me they ate the broccoli. I like that the broccoli is not in a sturdy […]

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Day 126: taco meat and a lunch lady’s new adventure!

Today’s menu: taco meat, tortilla chips, fruit cup (pears), peas and carrots So this lunch *could* be practically gluten-free. I don’t have access to the ingredients, but if it’s just taco meat without fillers or “natural flavors” (which might contain gluten), the chips are 100% corn, the fruit cup doesn’t have wheat, and neither do the […]

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